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  1. Emjay 90s

    I laughed so hard at the grandma one that I woke my dad lmao

  2. justin freund

    i see me 9:42 🤭

  3. Chris

    This video felt like it was 5 minutes long

  4. Marcus K

    I saw an add..... beech is gettin moola

  5. Brena Junner

    The slime one made me DIEEE laughing

  6. Sshhh Trouble

    I have a feeling Julien is like me and doesn't find most of these funny and he is just being a supportive boyfriend and supporting role in the video lol. People like me we wish we could get on board with this type of comedy. We try but we just can't reach that point

  7. Carlos M

    This video felt so short

  8. Bunnie

    I could watch this forever oh my god I haven’t laughed this much since vine was still a thing

  9. fodorreka95

    Please make your liked videos on tiktok public! I want to see them

  10. Magsi Maginski

    Omg I donate my hair regularly and Juliens crime talk has blown my mind

  11. Rachael Bennett

    I too unironically watch TikTok.

  12. Alexus Janssen


  13. Ceidric Platero

    Jenna and Julien lookin' like proud parents at 13:39

  14. k m

    Do this again pleeeeease

  15. Christine S

    Those last 2

  16. Suzume

    I need at least 2h version of it

  17. kailee stewart

    I saw this title and I was HYPED!!

  18. Friday

    Clearly it’s a lion and her adopted little brother monkeying around

  19. Emma Knapp

    The M’lady guy is Julien as a Dad with his 3 sons.

  20. DreamOutProud

    Honestly I might download ticktock I've been seeing the vine feels and i kinda miss it

  21. Rucha K

    Why is the one with thr lion and the monkey so funny

  22. Lys Carnesecchi

    Pls react to Noel Miller and Cody Ko. Pleasereee

  23. Dizzy

    I want that slime

  24. Kat J

    But also, where did Julien get that shirt?!

  25. Elizabeth vogler

    laughed my dick off. thank you for this morning's belly laugh jenna <3

  26. Sarah Smith

    I 100% need a link to that one that starts at 9:58 lmfao. Best mash up ever lol

  27. Alecia Reynolds

    I only downloaded tiktok because of Jenna saying she likes tiktok ...i thought it would be harmless... I'm fucking 28 and addicted to tiktok

  28. Morgan Stevens

    My fav video for two reason: 1. Your makeup is ELEGANT beech. 2. You laughing hysterically makes these 1000xs funnier

  29. sl4gath0R


  30. phoenixxcore

    The fact Mr.Brightside isn’t in this is heartbreaking

  31. Maddy Haskell

    I really think if Jenna Marbles wasn't a KZselr, we would all be so fucked

  32. Taylor Coulson

    the fact that Jenna and I have a lot of the same tiktok likes: I feel validated

  33. 《🌹 r a c h a e l 🌹》

    Why did KZsel recommended this now 😂😂😂

  34. Sebastian Aquino

    jenna omg you look so pretty here i mean you do always but still ily

  35. Josie Watkins

    Welp I spent my morning cry-laughing at this lmao

  36. Madison Bellavance

    I knew this was coming after the podcast this week xD

  37. sandraluv100

    why has this video ended? who allowed this video to end? I want more

  38. Sabina

    Love the lipstick Jeffree wtf?

  39. LocalBlackAndRed -PhPl

    Watching this in public is such a struggle

  40. bfg 10

    Julien: Did you just throw that? Jenna: 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐡

  41. nananana ohoh

    I’m laughing so hard I get Tik tok it’s hilarious watch more pls

  42. Eggs

    The one at 5:40 has NO right being that funny

  43. Abbie Harrison


  44. Brittany K

    Well I just found out that Jenna and I have the same sense of humor 😄😄😄 I'm not alone!

  45. overmountains

    ok but what lipstick is jenna wearing?? i need it

  46. Shelby Snyder

    High key sad that mr.brightside isn’t in the video

  47. NeNa GeeZ

    Love Jenna so much shes so out going

  48. cn wldn

    tiktoks a rabbithole; it’s scary once u get going and u have no sense of time while u watch tiktok

  49. KgraceF1

    Love this video. One of my favs

  50. Clarriz Daniel

    Jenna looking blooming in this video

  51. Smile Zadi

    I just can’t..I’m sitting here crying laughing WAY too hard 16:30

  52. Midi

    The Motts one had me crying at work thank you.

  53. Ashley Timms

    i wish this video never had to end

  54. Amanda M.

    ok i thought these were all stupid........and then we got to the slime one and I'm actually sobbing from laughter at my desk at work. send help

  55. Z4G

    ''GLORIOUS FREEDOM!'' 06:14

  56. Megan Lane


  57. FerrieTale

    I found myself on a tiktok compilation yesterday 🥴 it was quite a surprise

  58. DoTheScoots

    the one audio with big boys is noel miller, he said that when playing love island.

  59. Kennedie Le Roy

    Jenna I died at all of these you have great tastes 😂

  60. Maxine Madaline

    love this collab with noel miller!!

  61. S. Kenzig

    Just noticed the little dog that gets the bread eaten off their face is named Kiwi--- that is my doggos name too. (I do not name her and didn't realize how many dogs named Kiwi are out there- we have 3 at my vet including my furbaby)

  62. xuximytuxi UwU

    Please make another one of these soon😂😂I literally cried with you lmao

  63. Olivia Hanchuk

    Shout out to Mr. Skinny Penis himself @noelmiller 10:26

  64. Shannon Clark

    Hopefully some salty person doesn’t report you again because full offense to those Reddit authors

  65. Maddie Fisher


  66. Kendra Kay

    I spit a mouth full of chips and dip out when the monkey slapped the lioness 😂😂😂😂 16:40

  67. Madam Wizard

    I'm at work sniffling and crying from laughter and it's mostly me laughing at jenna laughing LOL

  68. Kayla Reagan

    Seeing a dog in a cheetah enclosure actually isn't that surprising because cheetahs get nervous really easily so they have emotional support dogs like we do! It's so cute!

  69. Courtney Paige

    I could’ve watched a 5 hour version of this... I loved it

  70. ValLovesBatmanAndTR

    The tik tok of the old lady taking off her chanclas and getting into the toilet👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 it should be in this video

  71. Rockin818

    I love that so many of jennas favorites are also in my favorites on Tik tok 😂

  72. Lidia S

    Tik Tok is so fucking stupid. It’s the biggest CRINGE in human history

  73. Smashley Mcbashley

    You sound like James Charles when you edit the mic voice like that

  74. Da Woj

    Why do I love Julian so much ❤️❤️

  75. Bubby707

    Omg the one with the dog drinking water, im convinced that is how all Labs drink they are just like “im gojng to fill my mouth with like a gallon water, walk away with my mouth OPEN and then just drink the teaspoon amount that gets left in the mouth and see how it goes” and then they repeat until all the water is just on the floor. My pitbull, he is so delicate and dainty and gentle. My lab I swear to god she just head butts her way through life, labs are like the bros of the dog world

  76. Madai Martinez

    Majority of these aren’t even funny lol but Jenna cry laughing at these makes them semi funny lol

  77. rockgirl22

    Best 20mins of the day so far. This had me howling and the bad thing I've seem all of these already but they still have me cry laughing!

  78. zowie hood

    I feel like I have seen, liked, and laughed at every single one of these and sent them to all of my friends

  79. PrettyMuchAFan

    beech u didn’t show us that last one

  80. Kelsie Foster

    All I got from this is Jenna Marbles and I have the same tik toks in our like section 😂😂

  81. Sarah H

    Lol UMG already claimed the money from the video

  82. Skulls Ain't Dead

    Jenna, the birds work for the bourgeois!

  83. Anthony Cano

    Jenna wearing Shane Dawson liquid lipstick?

  84. Alex Ross

    my two year old daughter sat with me while i watched this and i think we both laughed harder at your reactions 😂😂😂 i’m crying because you’re crying.

  85. Kyle Howes

    I’ve literally seen all of these and I love them

  86. Alexi B

    Uugghh Jenna that lip colour suits you very fine

  87. Samantha Brown

    jenna: I feel like you don’t appreciate it as much as I do julien: *correct*

  88. Luka Fire

    My dog died yesterday and then I saw this video notification and her laughing cheered me up thank you Jenna.

  89. Идель Салтмов


  90. Lauren Wallace

    I watch Jenna while I eat breakfast to start on a good note, and my mom walks in and calls her "the weird lady" eXcUse Me m0M u MeAn 33 year old weird lady!!! plz respect the brand

  91. Tim Smith

    Not sure if you're familiar with the "Your Mom's House" podcast by comedian Tom Segura and his wife but they do Tik Tok segments on there that I think you'd enjoy.

  92. stivesyy

    Okay but I fucking love Tik Tok. And I fucking love you. You can’t fathom my excitement when I saw this in my sub box!!! I need 659 parts please.

  93. S. Kenzig

    Please I need to know the rest of that conversation too!!!

  94. Lisa T

    This video was good for my mental health. Thank you

  95. Stacy Lynn

    I can’t stop laughing 😂 these are so hilarious

  96. Annaliis Täheväli

    This video is just “Try to eat your sandwich w/o choking to death”

  97. Cori Ottak

    HAHAHAAH the desk versus science table stool one got me good. Lmao still laughing

  98. Hannah Stenroos

    I love this, laughed so much I started cry!!!

  99. Korina Lopez

    I’m addicted to tik tok and my friends ignores my tik toks now hahahaha (cause I’ve sent her so many)

  100. Teressa

    No bullshit - just listened to the podcast last night and was PSYCHED to see this this morning. So damn funny. Your hysterical laughter is the best - made me crack up!