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  1. King Klout

    Can we get some PS4 CROSS-PLAY tho

  2. Extinction Gaming

    Can't wait for my shots to still not register

  3. Devin Dalrymple

    whenever they say interesting choice that means it was a bad one

  4. Ezio'sDIY

    Inspired by Ezio- thus my channel is Ezio 😃

  5. fonder cliper

    Can I get that dokibei skin please ubi

  6. Devin Dalrymple

    2 rappers with a bunch of white people

  7. bxrdy

    When will the competitive scene begin? I'm ready for tournaments!

  8. Samuel


  9. MaddZillary

    Farcry New Dawn was amazing (I have all of the far cry’s)


    I think everyone is mad that this video was taken down

  11. Gianbalderas Balderas

    Kali and wamai 8 minute firefight jager and glaz see each other nod heads and kill themselves

  12. Martin Roach

    This is not about me I'm Martin Roach Jr and I don't have far cry 5

  13. David Boman

    For honor 2! Make it happen! 🙏

  14. Jacob Bowl

    Puts magnet on hostage

  15. Nubble

    Kinda hot ngl

  16. Timmy Turner

    Rip thatcher

  17. licdipie li

    My assassins creed game has a bug on oddesey for handmaidens story

  18. licdipie li

    My assassins creed game has a bug on oddesey for handmaidens story

  19. SavDocoie

    Not a fan of the civilian looks on elite skins

  20. Romans 13

    if this combat was programed to an exo suit the same way you give commamds to a controller but responded by instinctive reflex instead of button command we would never need to train our troops to fight again. Motion tracking combat ai is overlooked as nothing more than entertainment. the lengths we have went to with Boston dynamic are astounding. combine the tech. ubi soft save your codes for your assassins creed and splinter cell series. I think this could be possible. Combat exo -2019 Stephen Grugel

  21. Mosher351

    I think her lance should have created a peek hole in reinforced walls and left the bandits/mutes alone.

  22. Rhys N. Bell

    Wamai seems interesting, but please make it so that if a lethal attacker projectile gets grabbed by a mag-net and ends up killing an attacker, that wamai gets the kill, and the attacker who launched the projectile doesn't lose points or get kicked for TK. Please.

  23. LeoT

    La casa de papel

  24. Le Tefft

    I beat the game 3 times come at me bitchs and I am watching this in 2019

  25. Petrrixxus Charakterus

    @Ubisioft Will Brawlhalla be available for free on Google Play Store? Or it will be downloable from the official site?

  26. chantry19

    why they have the black guy steal stuff??

  27. DaytonCarCare

    OMG Can't even get the game right. Do you even listen to your fans???

  28. Valentine

    So glaz ash? Glazash?

  29. AleJohnDrom

    These were the golden days of assassins creed


    When does the operation actually come out

  31. thedreadedzero

    I kinda want this but I have to wait and see if it has graphical and audio issues like the last collection

  32. Banjoe Boi

    This is the 100th comment

  33. Killjoy26

    So no reason to reinstall. Nice!

  34. Duncan Webster

    A couple days ago I went in to the live summits and wanted to get the Lamborghini that you win if you get platinum in untamed Italians and I could not win it. Could you possibly make the Lamborghini performante a car that you can buy

  35. stephen19590

    Broken game still broken

  36. Frost Blitz

    Plot twist one of the guys had his phone off during the whole video

  37. Amish Plumber

    Ubisoft needs to be focusing on Division II and breakpoint and making sure that Watch dogs legion doesn’t have the same issues as the current releases that are disastrous

    1. Billa Vanilla

      Amish Plumber I know Ubisoft Paris said they are trying to fix breakpoint Breakpoint by making massive revisions to its in game economy, survival elements, looting, UI changes, and enemy’s spawns/locations. Massive however, IDK what they are doing for Division 2.

  38. Rizzy

    More reused guns can I refund my season pass please

  39. Overlorded Sith

    I Think that this unit is Korean because of the sword he is using Koreans had extremely similar swords like katana and also Korea was ruled by the Chinese for a while

    1. Mr Wu-Lin

      Actually his sword is the changdao

  40. Alex H

    Is Tom Clancy's Elite Squad still in development?

  41. Ya boi Hack boi

    Ah yes the age restriction screen, we meet again but why here

  42. Ya boi Hack boi

    But i would rather use thatcher but what’s the point now :(

  43. Tiger GamingGR

    Thanks ubisoft, until now I didn't know what operator to ban

  44. Nina Alshiekh

    What a wonderful game, the characters, the graphics and everything was wonderful. I started crying when I finished it 😭

  45. Herzogernst

    My favorite defender

  46. RuzzY


  47. Lemon Loved

    I hope i could see Edward Kenway in this game 😭

  48. JadeStep 96

    I'm not much of a fan of mobile gaming, but I'm glad to know that this excellent free to play game will also be accessible to those who use phones and tablets as well. Brawhala has really come a long way since its beta. PC Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo switch and now Mobile in the near future too! Once a year 2020 rolls around and it releases on mobile devices this game will literally be available to everyone and that will be absolutely awesome. Now all we need is for brawlhalla to feature Universal account data transfer and then I believe it will become one of the best free-to-play it gaming experiences the decade. Of course many Nintendo fans still say: "It's just an SSB rip-off." But Super Smash Brother players and fighting game players as well as casual gamers all alike no one can deny the success of this game and how it's completely built up its very own audience and seeing of it's very own. This game deserves more praise IMO. The microtransactions are handled very well and that's not something you can get out of a lot of games these days especially free to play games. All of the microtransactions are 100% completely cosmetic nothing more. But if players want to be able to have access to every and all characters for just $20 you could buy the Character Pack anytime you want and once you buy it you are all set and will instantly have access to every character in the game but also every Future character that will release from now on until onword the moment they release. But on top of all that there is also special events that happened to you around and there's all different kinds of free loot that players can obtain to stand out from the crowd without having to spend any money or sometimes nothing more than just a little bit of Indian currency which is easily attainable by simply playing the game itself. Brawlhalla really is a diamond in the rough of this current gaming generation and I have no doubt that the game will still be thriving and going strong even in this next upcoming generation as well. For any casual or competitive gamer that owns any of the current generation platforms or mobile devices, it is definitely worth giving this game a shot. It's a great game for both serious competition or just having a blast at parties with friends. And at the end of the day it is free to play so if you don't like it it's not like you wasted any money, and the file space is fairly small for the game itself as well. For anyone that definitely plans to check out the game sometime soon, I have just one thing to say: "WELCOME TO BRAWLHALLA!"

  49. pootis Adam short

    Love it

  50. George Half


  51. Niñorata Primero


  52. Jesse Vieira

    what he says at the start is poorly protected her

  53. Princess Eyova


  54. Jaylin Joseph

    Bring back the predator pack on ghost recon wildlands please today

  55. Wbacardi

    they should give Glaz more weapon option

  56. Jesse Vieira

    whats the music for this video

  57. Brainy-Brian

    Remember Ubisoft. You don't need to be woke or China to be very successful. Joker 2019 proves that!

  58. Depressedgumin

    Brawlhalla: Gets Released On mobile Me: Nah smash is better and more fun tbh

  59. Alga MV

    This was so cringe lmao

  60. Sr. Oak

    It will have crossplay with Switch?

  61. Christian Gaines

    I don't understand how ya'll keep coming up with ideas for operators, but can't just make new maps.

  62. Nestor Melendez

    0:35 my dude had the phone off

  63. Ahmed Wagdy

    cross-play with all platforms ... yaaaah that's hot

  64. Hecno Heckman

    Police update pls. That game is so Boring. Nothing is really new after destruction Derby.

  65. deepRed

    Just not gonna be fair is it

  66. A X

    When does the new season start?

  67. Joseph Costa

    Lol. This game sucks balls. Why would anyone care?

  68. KavinCatastrophe

    Freakin Finally

  69. Piefly 45

    I would rather have elite squad

  70. xzX Blood

    that one guy with his phone off at the end lmao

    1. Sakai Soki

      I kinda spotted two of them

    2. iCanCombo

      That's pro player noel

  71. apple juice

    Great now make for honor 60fps on console

  72. mynameismatt//firered

    Do people even actually care about this game?

    1. Havid Burgos


    2. Veer Pal


  73. Aaronspark7

    Controller support?

  74. Lonewolf/ MrNiceGuy

    So basically, another platform for PC to steal elo from. Sweeeeet

  75. Ez0rx5


  76. RuneDemoN


  77. xXShadowX x

    But where is the Tom Clancy mobile game huh?

    1. Veer Pal


  78. Dede Yusuf

    cross-play feature for this type of launch-on-new-platform-for-free-to-play games is interesting to gain new players especially younger people

  79. R6 Toonz

    Everyone liked that*

  80. Ordin8 alm

    Since we use our email for this can we get stuff like skins or characters that we had on console???

  81. Tommi Gloom

    thank you ubisoft

  82. Jetfox967


  83. rdmotorfilmesoficial

    Top Demais já deixei meu like !

  84. Speedy NT

    This is gonna be fun

  85. Bryant Hernandez

    I wonder if there’s going to be a Rainbow 6 siege mobile if they can have Brawlhalla for xbox,ps4 and PC and now we have Brawlhalla for mobile in the next year. Now my question is why they can’t make a R6 mobile like others game

    1. Nestor Melendez

      @Veer Pal source?

    2. Billa Vanilla

      Veer Pal when and where?

    3. Veer Pal

      They had confirmed while back they were working on Siege and For Honor mobile

  86. Enchandted

    Now i have to buy the game again. UGH!

    1. Enchandted

      Joseph Hernandez silence, boomer

    2. Joseph Hernandez

      @Enchandted Worst joke ever.

    3. Enchandted

      @Joseph Hernandez people can't see humor.

    4. Enchandted

      @Fierce Warrior guess people can't see a joke

    5. Joseph Hernandez

      @Enchandted It’s free.

  87. Anonymous Joe 17

    Yessss I had a feeling

  88. Hard Doughnut

    ubisoft : time to raking up those mobage money

  89. prathi sahrudh

    Wow no actually gameplay is shown very cool

  90. ChN 1

    Oh i can feel the queen nai sig spam from here

  91. Milyziom UwU

    I Wonder how it will feel like to play it on ipad


    great, this toxic community is getting bigger and bigger

    1. Filipooos

      @Veer Pal bruh the brawlhalla community is the most toxic community i've ever met, im getting insulted on almost every ranked match

    2. Nestor Melendez

      Since when is it toxic?

    3. Veer Pal

      damn it must be real toxic if people are pissed about it coming to more platforms lol

    4. ZombossonYouTube

      I sure love goobisoft for this *WONDERFUL* descision

  93. I am legally allowed to say the N-word

    I already have this game on my ps4 -Bruh-

  94. SwaRRo RoaR

    good to play on go m happy BUT PC master race forever😂😂

    1. TheBabyShpee




  96. Glass is just hot sand

    That's unhealthy

  97. Kadel V

    I am seriously suprised that it took ubisoft this long to release Brawlhalla on mobile. Brawlhalla was made for mobile imo. And if done right, this is going to be a treat to play.

    1. J. N

      How was it for the mobile device?

    2. RDM ViRuZ

      I wish they done another ubi game like rbs on mobile but it makes sense they are way bigger games

  98. Vice Point

    I thought you were going to show some gameplay or controls and not you playing it.

  99. Minka

    This game is dead

  100. aerox _

    Can't wait for the people who will say: I'm a gamer because I play on mobile

    1. Isaac Lam

      @Ahmad Gamer r6s doesnt have a mobile version as mobiles cannot handle the graphics. Also, mobile has alot of aim assists and MnK is easy to learn but hard to master. PC Gaming is a lot harder than mobile games. Thats why theres not much 'Mobile pro league'.

    2. Ahmad Gamer

      @Isaac Lam I'm just giving an example about fortnite

    3. Isaac Lam

      @Ahmad Gamer nah fam i dont play fortnite i play r6s

    4. Ahmad Gamer

      @Isaac Lam there are many players play fortnite in mobile better than console and pc so if someone is better than you in gaming and you are a gamer he won't be gamer cuz he plays on mobile?!

    5. REDstillLIVES

      If there playing a game thats not a cash grab and competitive they are....ive seen mobile cod players better then pc