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  1. Ghost in The shell

    Rock on snk

  2. kildaver

    Somewhere, World Heroes WEEPS PITIFULLY.

  3. John Hurley

    Why is it always an existential evil? Why can't ninjas just fight?

  4. Ghost in The shell

    Finally a good fighting game on the switch. I wont buy MK11 due to Sjw


    On a deserted island nobody can hear your screams from the murderous villager

  6. Aaron Carr

    When haohmamo is coming out for sc6

  7. Phoenix MSM master

    What game is going to replace paper Mario color splash

  8. Rena Lanford

    Worth it for the NGPC port alone!

  9. Rjae Rjae


  10. Daniel Peterson

    I remember getting this game just because I was bored and remembered liking to play as link in super smash bros on the wii. Never thoughts the game would be that good but wow I was wrong.

  11. betacrest10

    Holy cow!!! Release KOF XV on the Nintendo Switch too. Please SNK with cherry on top of this request.

  12. Jarm

    Can anyone confirm if this game is actually good?

  13. A human bean


  14. Yuki Bear

    Man this song is really catchy. It makes me want to get back to playing the game right away 😂

  15. Ronald R. Ottesen

    haha this is the best game ever - bad ice cream 3 on hudgames

  16. Ronald R. Ottesen

    haha this is the best game ever - bad ice cream 3 on hudgames


    Look it’s the series from smash

  18. Ronald R. Ottesen

    OMG bad ice cream 3 on hudgames omg is a mad ice cream really im hungry now

  19. Joshua d'Estoville

    FINALLY! I don’t mind waiting until next decade- I’m just glad this announcement was made.

  20. Maurice Johnson

    Can I play as my boy Kenshin though?

  21. Anderson Elias Carvalho

    Please SNK, port and translate Samurai Shodown RPG (真説サムライスピリッツ武士道列伝 ) to modern platforms, we want to play the game, but SNK never translated.

  22. Mataiasi Lomu

    Love this game

  23. MEX ZAKU

    1:18 Smash?

  24. SunBeam

    Did they ever fix the garbage netcode?

  25. Madison Drinkwalter

    I wish I could get money as easy as getting bells.

  26. Dark wolf

    Add conker and Leon from resident evil 4

  27. Geoff The Hero

    Ronin Rumble Switch will be a thing

  28. Dark wolf

    Leon from resident evil 4 deserve be in this game because all remasters and he came exclusive for game cube

  29. Nintendorak Yamato

    Thank you, SNK!!

  30. Ian Schwarz


  31. Dark wolf

    Resident evil 4 came from game cube and then remasters in every console is not in smash bros.Leon:am i a joke to you?

  32. SonicFanChris 4

    Dang, I was hoping it would come out in December alongside the Japanese release.

  33. KoolMB

    Omg a decent framerate??

  34. Guille Olmos

    OH GOD

  35. NESW

    yeeeessss, more fighting games on the Switch! I hope Tekken 7 and DOA 6 find their way to the Switch as well. I know we already have Street Fighter but I would like a SFV port as well.

  36. Red Butterfly Geannetta


  37. BJGvideos

    Holy crap a Neo Geo Pocket game?! What's next, the Pokemon Mini gets ports?

  38. SketDancevideos

    Please consider including Takamaru, from Nintendo's The Mysterious Murasame Castle

  39. not reals

    I hope the Skylanders join Smash Bros. 😁

  40. JCBjr15

    I love the amount of fighting games that are coming to switch. Just wish we had a better joycon solution for more than four face buttons

  41. Emote


  42. Flower Boy

    19:36 *CAN BE EASY TO READ IF USED REPEATEDLY* Ness and Lucas: OoF

  43. Dan the weeb

    The fgc is getting a whole lot more portable

  44. Warron

    Always wanted to play these games.

  45. Jeiger

    Were is conker???


    It's been a long time since the original version of this game came out... but since it's gonna be coming to Switch next year, it'll be a dream come true after all... excellent work Nintendo

  47. TMX1138

    I think SNK should look into making their games dual audio with Los Angeles based VAs. It would broaden the appeal beyond East Asia and Latin/South America and grow the fanbase to English speaking territories like the US, Canada, UK and the European Union. If Capcom can get away with dual audio for Street Fighter, why can't SNK with any of their fighting games?

  48. Mochi and Foxboy playz robloxʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Nintendo: Every one likes at Game boy: nobody likes at Me: I rather to pick Nintendo cuz is Awesome (▀̿ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  49. Aleksander Guevara

    At least it’s classic sonic

  50. Steven Narey

    I just hope the season pass will be free to early adopters like PS4 and Xbone

  51. Mustachioed Bear

    can I only get the neo geo pocket color game if I pre-order? I already bought the game twice on ps4 (digital and limited edition) and just want the ngpc game....

  52. help i'm stuck in whatever google service this is

    why is this back in my recommended

  53. migdclm

    Definitely gonna get this one ....

  54. Wendie Nugroho

    the bgm makes me feel alive

  55. 316whatupz


  56. Diabolo2014

    I hope that the game comes with all the dlc

  57. Alonso Medel Fuentes

    Oli shet

  58. Dark ninja

    these people look so happy

  59. Jordan Raugutt

    It looks like Nintendo's increasing the resolution of Switch games now, in handheld mode too and the screen resolution is higher than 720p

  60. Mr Beast

    Next up Buck Bumble is gonna be the new character

  61. ماجد Majid_q8


  62. Mr pee body and sheirmen yoyo

    I hate this

  63. 최진솔

    제발 이러지마라 거지같은 마스다년아; 돈은 와이프 뒷구녕으로 넣었냐?

  64. Kyle Smith

    Steam snk?

  65. Splash Ent.

    The hype of this trailer tho.

  66. Pop-up dos games

    If I buy the Japanese edition will I have someday a update that allows me to put the game in inglês to see the story mode and menus?

  67. Splash Ent.

    0:14 YEET (My memes are so old :()

  68. Revayne Sieg

    Fight me !!!

  69. Dylan De Loe

    Ok ok ok, 2020 is heatin' up a little bit...

  70. HeavyMetalSonicRM

    I require a new FATAL FURY for Switch. The Last Blade and Shock Troopers would be excellent, too.

  71. NeoJax

    if i preorder the physycal version, do i get the pocket edition??

  72. Chance Paladin

    Samurai Shodown Sen II

  73. Loupi

    melee is better

  74. Doggy Doge 79

    Playing breath of the wild, is how our ancestors where trained to hunt

  75. Tira Flecha

    This is running smooth... Sigh I hope one day we dont have to worry about such things with Nintendo.

  76. Fabian Espinoza Viveros

    This seems to be a new character for smash.

  77. jk rv

    Ooh yes, insta buy for me

  78. Livi- Chan

    Everyone knows what this is bc of Smash

  79. fierce deity

    oh well looks like unless the legendary edition of SFV comes to the Switch we gonna have to wait till SFVI any but I will totally take this over SF while we wait.

  80. Gallowglass

    Takamaru should be a surprise character.

  81. Xervantez Xvi

    Oooh can’t wait

  82. Sydney

    How can this be equally cool, original and gimmicky? Like this is awesome. You could spend a good few hours having fun building and playing with each thing. But you also know it would get destroyed real quick and your kids are gonna abandon it in like two days.