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  1. Aviee Nash


  2. Pixel Pirate

    generation Y did we bother XD

  3. Nachiketa Chauhan

    WE got our Marie Kondo here!!

  4. mike patwal

    How to improve the performance of my lenovo z51-70 laptop it has amd GPU and i5 processor

  5. Omar Zellal

    I wanna ask... What if your RAM stops working and you wanna replace it? You remove the whole CPU block?

  6. cooldriveone

    That girl should work at LTT

  7. Tunten Tony

    2:55 he not really took the show RAM for full price?😂

  8. upcollector

    1G Squad calls this test irrelevant!

  9. ShadowMassacr13

    The comparison using different graphics cards is kinda shitty, it makes absolutely no sense to chanhe graphics cards when you're only trying to measure how responsiveness changes at certain frame rates, this turned into just another ad for GeForce

  10. Akshat Dabas

    Do they ask people to behave like noobs? Like how is it possible if they watch LTT? Don't go ham on me I was just wondering...

  11. grimm00002

    Hire her man... LMAO :)

  12. Bryce Standley

    Ok boomer.

  13. KeppyKep

    This was hilarious. I know she's long-gone, but would be great if you could get her back for a techlinked.

  14. Dev Negandhi

    She had LTT videos as a syllabus?

  15. Nomad Nomad

    The best rog rig reboot episode!

  16. Phantomdude

    10:38 Captions : im sorry lattice

  17. Sirgaz

    i wanna live in that house

  18. Mihaita

    the game choice was bad, cs go runs better at higher fps because of the engine, but on some games the isn't much difference when going to higher fps.

  19. Igor Sharipov

    hahaHaha its actually hilarious

  20. Laukas Kiemas

    Who is that gamer girl with long hair?

  21. Death Maze Challenge


  22. jirinek86

    Tbh this is the most entertaining ROG Rig Reboot video ever. :D

  23. Stephen Webb

    Dude from Verge: My swiss army knife with Hopefully screwdriver not so ridiculous now is it?

  24. JC W

    But is it worth its current $74 price tag?

  25. Kisson

    12:47 sounds like he's crying lol

  26. nateo200

    I have this urge to do an all AMD build in this. R9 3950 and whatever GPU can match Nvidia's best GPU. That or build the most Anti-Apple setup possible which might require an RTX 2080!

  27. watermelonpoop4

    I got a gtx 1070 but still on that 60hz monitor boi

  28. twitch ttv

    I get 52.2 FPS graphics card😞

  29. Felipe Cavedon

    This intro sounds like my ex wife.

  30. Non

    Oh shit

  31. Кирилл Филиппенко

    next time try not to talk when someone does tests for ya, Linus.

  32. Daniel du Pré

    The worst camera bump since the galaxy camera... and that was a camera. Best quote ever

  33. VetsRage

    because it wouldnt be obvious that the pc with the 750 would be running games like overwatch on all low settings lol

  34. METhOdhowtoKilLnoObS

    Now try doing the tests on weird screens like 3ms 144hz laptops and such

  35. Solo Castro

    Too late Linus. She just received a phone call from SNL...

  36. RockSmither ́s Channel

    Have you ever donated a Pc to Europe? Like a nice giveaway? 😁

  37. idlewaltz

    Relevant video for the sponsor, conclusion based on extensive data collection and Shroud. How do you top this content?

  38. sofias. orange

    i was thinking this was about monitor refresh rates but okay, do a graphics card benchmark.. <_<

  39. Jetsu

    Corey :o

  40. TheSubieFan

    Shroud needs some madrinas coffee. Come on guys you are sponsored by him. And on top of that after 300mg of caffeine you are way faster.

  41. Mike Sonntag

    linus why on earth would you haul around house radiator, Car radiator or motorcycle? Or just 480mm rad will do the job.

  42. Jamil

    I wanna insult linus and flex how much more hardware I've broken than him now.

  43. bad1080

    omg the logitech webcam feed looks fucking atrocious... ><

  44. Alex B

    Yo, does anyone have the name of the music playing in the background (from 4:00 for exemple). I'm at work and can't Shazam it Many thanks :)

  45. T K

    Honestly the screen tearing would distract me too much

  46. David Darling

    She's amazing, Linus would be smart to get her on contract.

  47. ParashollX6

    I guess i gotchya

  48. MrCukydoh

    i've watched this video probably twelve times. she's funny as hell! -

  49. Miguel Brito

    Hire her! She needs to do techquickies


    Shroud and LTT ? Nice!

  51. Tiago 327

    Linus :This is the problem with your generation Me: Ok Boomer Her: Im GeN y

  52. Jax Wins

    I thought this was about the iphone 11 not the latest damn ios update. Waste of time

  53. Phantomdude

    me with 30 fps and 5$ : i want that pc

  54. grimm00002

    Oh my god, I feel old for hating RGB... I just want the old LED fans back, and no, none of those ring haloes around the fan blades, just the four corners of the frame :(

  55. BEAST 58

    People should be nicer to Linus

  56. Crusaders Gaming

    But you forgot to put ft corey

  57. Simon Ngai

    Holy shit. Is Alex a mechanical engineer?

  58. Patrick Waterman

    did she say, linus slam everything so aggressively, bad boy linus lol

  59. Baserocklove

    Intel: We make good cpu. AMD: We make the cpu is better. Intel: :o

  60. Jair Bear

    This is a perfect example of why we need to repeal womens rights

  61. -_- some guy

    koreans are soooooo good at gaming!! - says everyone, gee it couldn't be their internet speed nooo.

  62. john carr

    I know a way around this. you just load in a new non registered copy of windows and when it prompts you to put in a product key or I'd (forget which one) just find and type in your previous I'd from your last machine and boom you have a legit copy of windows that you dont have to pay for again. Just make sure you dont plug in your old machine and drive w OS into the internet because it might read that theres the same product key on 2 machines. Please dont tell Microsoft ;)

  63. Mike Sonntag

    I Mine during winter, my main rig in my room and another liquid cooled miner in living room. Heats my whole house. Plus I get some crypto out of the heat.

  64. hardstyle542

    I loved every single minute of this.

  65. AvatarianArtificer

    Funniest LTT video I've ever seen. Riley & this girl building a PC together would be comedy gold.

  66. Bryan Castromero

    Innuendos... Everywhere...

  67. tdkl

    I watched this video 3 times lemao

  68. Christoffer Agustin

    Please hire her Linus. She's gorgeous, and won't mind if she would have more air time than you. 🤣😂

  69. Timos K.

    Just do the same test with S1mple(csgo pro player).

  70. Mark Hiscutt

    Best Show EVERRRR Employ her, so funny.

  71. Ghordy


  72. A Bjorkman

    Noooooo Linus you can’t lose

  73. harvard james

    You're afraid to play online...😂😂🤣

  74. Bossnage

    lol gtx 750 me "laughs in 750ti "

  75. Tyler Maksymovitch

    I only watched for shroud

  76. Sonny12681

    This is a topic that the Oculus s is suffering on. The Oculus s refresh rate is very bad.

  77. mtx90

    fighting games are insane with the frame data and everything honestly the only esports tournaments ill watch

  78. Ritz Kashyap

    Very well made video guys

  79. Parth Bijalwan

    Is it just me or Linus stood up at the center in the final tie breaker because that's where they were pointing almost every time and Linus wanted shroud to win and cause he had higher fps shroud would definitely would have won that.

  80. Henrik Techguy

    Somehow they made their production quality higher...

  81. dukenukemani07

    Thank you for doing these tests, Linus. It doesn't get much more thorough than this. *double thumbs up*

  82. RiverBlocksTV

    He said a joke and didn’t relise it

  83. Stefan Blomberg

    Poor Linus, what an amazing disgusting girl..

  84. Zach B

    I know it’s not that easy, but what’s stopping a manufacturer from doing something like this but without the borders on the inner monitors.

  85. KeppyKep

    18:12 a sudden ponytail appeared!

  86. Smylove1

    Is it possible to play good with 60hz?

  87. X Damian

    When come this review?

  88. Duane

    Linus - Hire this young lady!! Her snark is is right on par with Linus Media Group and I believe would give the snarkiest employee a run for their money! Haha great video!!

  89. James Purdy

    This is my favorite video I've seen in a long time on this channel

  90. Jerome Fernandez

    Best LTT video ever!!!

  91. Nogard


  92. danmar007

    I'm truly envious of what you've accomplished.

  93. Steve Kong

    Oh wow, never really thought about 144 until now... Great video!!!! What about 120 vs 144 though? Not much of a difference?

  94. dan saber

    I’ve been waiting all year for this.

  95. No Longer

    What’s an S.O.

  96. solidliquid

    I guess lot of ppl (me included) are going to research on this device after hf alyx announcement