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  1. Maria Jose Vargas


  2. Georgia Brizuela Relucio


  3. Xavier Musiq

    YAY ANOTHER disney film with a BLACK PROTAGONIST t that's gonna spend the MAJORITY OF THE FILM IN ANOTHER BODY because living while black isn't a story worth telling **rejoices in sarcastic and dissapointed black man** 😍😍😍

  4. Shailee Jain

    waiting to watch all

  5. 최길수

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 떨어져서 죽은건가 ㅋㅋㅋ

  6. Ala Matulka

    I really don't understand the hate with the cowboy dance, I thought it was cute!😊

  7. Danyal Elia


  8. Dev PS

    Indians already relate this to PUBG Mobile. Lol😜

  9. Nice Nice

    Look before you walk? Step?

  10. Luciano Limongi

    ÑELLLLDINCSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (solo algunos Hispanos lo entenderán xD)

  11. Yikes

    If anyone's wondering what the song is, it's called overture by AJR :)

  12. Elver Galarga

    Can't wait ti see It

  13. •Oxiliyah •

    Guys, can yall stop saying this movie is gonna be bad just cause of that cowboy dance? This is just the teaser trailer.. we havent seen the actual movie.

  14. Deyn's Diary

    Why float still cant watch? I thought it release on Nov.12?

  15. Neerav Nerurkar

    AJR music so cool

  16. Alex Cisterna

    Kinda had an existential crisis

  17. herlock sholmes

    This style of making faces as smooth and chubby as possible in an attempt to make them cute needs to die already

  18. GreenDPSlice

    Pixar film Finding Nemo:Fish has soul Toy Story:Toy has soul Cars:Cars has soul Soul:soul has soul

  19. jm iglesia

    AJR 😍😍😍

  20. Femke van Wingerden

    We want more!

  21. GameMoves2

    And how will you get money to live?

  22. omg sir

    It is the first adult/child movie

  23. Dumb Movie Reviews

    Why’d y’all cancel Newt & Gigantic thoe

  24. Маруся Климова

    Where's a lamp

  25. TOTransitGuy7755

    Set in 1980.

  26. Naeun Choi

    Having those kids on leashes is why they end up on tv just saying 😂😂

  27. animeclub


  28. evilovez .s


  29. Alvin Mwangi

    Aaah. So you're trying to make the best animation I've ever seen

  30. J4NB0

    0:37 where is the ground meat mix

  31. Gertz TV

    Who else saw the thumbnail and thought they were making a live action up movie?

  32. SeanReacts!

    Feels like ratatouille almost but not quite

  33. lowkey kilo

    From the studio that brought you Inside out, Up and *Coco* me: *uh-oh* (readying the tissues)

  34. Ryan

    This looked interesting. Emphasis on looked. Why can't they just give us a slice of life movie for once?

  35. Aden Maulana

    Is this like inside out meets sing?

  36. вадим постол

    знаете это так троготельно что прям слёзки потекли рекой у меня советую посмотреть!!!!!!!!!

  37. Schmitt Djeson

    *1:15** L*

  38. Vee

    ok lol

  39. Jimmy Lee

    can i know the music at the first part of this video?

  40. Chrishantha Fernando


  41. Marc P.

    Right in the feels :(

  42. ainz ooal gown

    Finally a good animation movie

  43. 김동원


  44. CoffeeMelon

    i love how you put ajr's overture in there

  45. S이사

    this movie concept came at the right time

  46. Hasan Cırnaz

    Wcfesg. bfd6okbvd


    Its too black to make the black guy black... Lets make him blue

  48. snatched wig


  49. xBlueWolf

    That manhole changed a lot. I'm not sure if it'll be for the better or the worse yet though.

  50. Nieznajomy

    I want be remember beacuse i maked Next WW

  51. Nayun Asahina

    Man they had us in the first half ngl

  52. helloctober 15


  53. Najwan Najib

    I was watching whiplash before this

  54. Yusry Sani

    Ahooo bakkkaaaa

  55. DynamoOX

    A soul that have a soul inside

  56. T Hoffman

    Wow subverge expectations much PIXAR

  57. Miriam Loayza


  58. Mark Nauta

    My cat does do that walking sideways like a monster

  59. Logan Beaudoin

    Me mothers a bear.

  60. Ambar c:

    Unpopular opinion: Up should have a movie with real actors

  61. Delta

    Disney: Giving a soul to a soul

  62. Puan Syahrul


  63. Can we Hit 100K Subs With no videos?

    *ok boomer*

  64. 7 Bizarre Lane

    Ugh, as soon as I saw the blue blobby things. I was like why. Why oh why. They bigged up this film massively and then the blue blobby things threw this animation straight into the dustbin. I was hoping to see a poor unlucky guy just trying to fulfil his dream, getting intro trouble along the way, but getting there in the end, but no. BUT NO! Ugh thanks Pixar. Thanks a lot.

  65. Putera

    So how did that scooter get away from that manhole? 🤔🤔

  66. Ahfu

    SouL Mortal💯

  67. Sakunahh

    Y’all really casted Berleey??

  68. Silly Button

    I swear movies like these make you love your life. The way the outside world is shown, the buildings, the streets, the trees.

  69. ikhwanhalim_YT

    Inside out 2 confirmed

  70. Grettel Alfaro Brenes

    Disney you streaming with the worst studio wownow entertainment

  71. Tugau 666

    Disney : Let's just remake everything.

  72. Trần Minh Hiếu

    I'm always excited for any Disney-Pixar movie.

  73. PLANECRAZY 380

    Look how far animation got us, with all the realism and the camera effects, ITS A MASHUP OF REALITY AND THE WORLD OF ANIMATION

  74. UP 421

    Generation x teaching millennials.

  75. PLANECRAZY 380

    when all 3 movie makers mash up together THE MOVIE GOD FORMS

  76. Afid Dhia

    This movie will gave me anxiety 😂

  77. Karen Kaye Adena

    wait if im not mistaken, the dog that almost bit him was the dog from the secret life of pets, right?

  78. D 0 P E _

    Tears and an Existential crisis are guaranteed in this movie.

  79. Welcome Home

    Soul op

  80. JERRY tm


  81. l é o

    so.. the two blobs are the soul ??

  82. srBrainy

    this touched my heart

  83. Nathan Raho

    Really Pixar come on. I was really looking forward to a animated movie about not spending your time on earth on the trash of life, and be the real you that can contribute something beautiful into the world. But no we got tiny lightbulbs and old memes. Great

  84. Max KopfraumPoops

    First I was like: what are those tiny things? Is this Inside Out again and then I realized OH IT IS THE SOUL, they are kinda doing the same thing again but with A SOUL. I see what you did there and I am not even mad about it.


    Ajr fans where you at

  86. Russell Cloa

    Cant wait for the soundtrack to be released!🎷🎶🎹

  87. kamaldeep walia

    For a second I thought its some soul(Indian gaming team) trailer

  88. mc lapeña

    me: yaayy jazz! *falls down hole* oh no

  89. Mabel Unicorn Pines

    Why no one talk about the morale ?

  90. ik放棄智力


  91. Bored Gamer

    A new piece for the pixar theory puzzle

  92. Natasha Duckett

    I'm not crying u are

  93. Jovin

    I’m sold

  94. Kaye I

    I wanna give the boy a high five

  95. jo kris

    Its ajr right? The backsound i mean

  96. Dip

    Short Films ❤️

  97. Luis Miguel Vélez Pérez

    ¡Que asca!

  98. Settai sai

    Soul I know only soul mortal

  99. PRO Memers

    0:46 How was that scooter rider able to cross tha big manhole? Anyone noticed it??

  100. NoMotion

    Joe mama!