Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Kyleigh Peltier

    Franken nail

  2. Diana White

    Your so funny

  3. Dayna Goodchild

    Those boob cups...I’m dying

  4. jake smith

    Love you saf

  5. Loretta Posey

    I got a heart tattoo on my ankle

  6. Hannah Doughty

    "THE DEATH OF THE FRANKEN" credits to me, Hannah Doughty

  7. WiseGoat

    It sounded like that one girl said “ i am a fire pig”

  8. Palmerrip

    Holiday Mashup

  9. Jacinta-lei Evans

    Franken mauver

  10. Chyanne Fogle

    How about the "FrankinGimme" Tubes! Lol

  11. Katelyn Mangan


  12. Tri Summers

    Lawn Mauve-r? Mauve it, hot stuff? Mauve it, or lose it? Mauve-o (like OwO)? ... SUPER-MAUVE-A?????

  13. Daniel Godell

    I like to Mauve it Mauve it

  14. sawiczs

    Mauvie Magic!

  15. Kirsten Sara


    1. Kirsten Sara

      Shiny Love Magpie Love Purrrrrrr✨✨💜✨✨🤔

  16. Madene Wolmarans

    You should name is :simple frankin🤗♥️

  17. Ivania Manzur

    6:10 😂🤣 Mcshit

  18. MadElizabeth Macoy

    “Giant toothpick” I think she meant skewer

  19. Ginger Redshoes

    Clearly this cosmetic technology has been upgraded since I first saw it in the 90s.

  20. Mukunda Komaragiri

    I just noticed, but, around 18:00ish you can hear JJR's theme, from Man about cake. It's everywhere.

  21. Mariel Franz Ayop


  22. and I oop- uwu

    *K pop fans enter the chat*

  23. Victoria Zambrano

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 She said "I would wear this if my bachelorette party was at medieval times" Lol!!

  24. Freaktiful Whispers


  25. Subscribe To No Content

    Damn those ninjas cutting onions again

  26. L.K.

    That is not good...stick to pass and tampons. These people are doing some nasty inventions...nothing is supposed to be filling a cup from your body...let it flow naturally.

  27. Vivian fast

    Rosē Mauve

  28. Féline

    I'm a cancer aswell and i actually really like to overdress a little and wear bright colours.

  29. mmikaylaambrose


  30. Shalini Singh

    A true franken lipstick:)

  31. Party_If_You_LOL

    The Franken mauve

  32. CaliCupcake YT

    Range Mauver

  33. Tiger Ice cream

    Omg that’s ma birthday

  34. Katherine Morrison

    "Mauvie Dick" PLS

  35. Mocci Mocca

    Mauve to the mauve

  36. chaitra 555

    that's it, I'm going to japan

  37. Oxygen Tv

    Magnificent mauve😍😍😍

  38. Aliza Annisa

    Mauve-y Wavey (Drac vibes)

  39. Annah Mutisya

    I luv cats😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍n I tried that idea n it was a mess😕😕

  40. billie eyelash

    Name it "Simply nygaard" or "Simply Saf

  41. billie eyelash

    Name it "make a mauve"

  42. Divya A

    This is how many times she said lipstick

  43. Mika Brock

    the holo day yasss queen

  44. Pawz Plays

    Franken polish

  45. Alexia Ion

    "Franken shade"

  46. Jana yahia

    Franklin mauve 😁❤️maybe

  47. Helena Devic

    Move out

  48. Snoodle Dumpling

    Weird that they pictured Evpct brand liquid eyeliner but sent you Miss Rose brand liquid eyeliner. On the plus side, both are legitimate brands & not knock-offs. It's just that Miss Rose is only available in Pakistan. Okay, I am assuming they're legitimate brands because I can find obviously cheaper knock-offs all over that claim to be them but aren't anything like the packaging for the stuff on their actual websites. People wouldn't be selling cheaper knock-offs of a cheaper knock-off brand, right?

  49. greta kutzer


  50. Mei Fong Chia

    11:30 is literally a crime scene

  51. LiveRin YT

    You should make a frankenlipstick out of frankenlipsticks

  52. SilentNinjaFox

    Missed opportunity for Saffolding, benana and simply mauve or simply mauvelogical

  53. Alessandrea Caladharan

    Did anyone notice the Disney's Descendants reference?

  54. Kari Dior

    Why couldn't Safiya just name it "Spill The Teal" duhhhh....😒😒😒

  55. CHANDRAKALA Chandu

    Love it

  56. ava

    first time i watched this i didn’t like kpop, but now that i like it i’m like recognising all these groups and it’s wild

    1. ava

      i’m so proud of myself for recognising all groups when she said red velvet, (g)-idle and itzy (STAN ITZY)

  57. hit or miss i guese they never miss hugh?

    *Mauve over clover* idk

  58. DaisyCake 110


  59. Stephanie Joy Ragudo



    Lip Stuff

  61. Sarah M


  62. Louna Chrifa

    Safia please stop doing videos with this woman,it makes your videos boring 😓 beff I'm sure she is not stable and she acts weird

  63. Emma Kulla

    Is anyone waching this in 2019😅? because i am...

  64. Emma

    Safia the nailpolish cueen

  65. łøvëłÿ pøtätø

    5:07: *Cop walks behind them* 5:08: *looks at papers Me:oHHHHHH YOU IN TROUBLE

  66. Sanjana srinath

    franken taco !!

  67. KaitieKate123 _90

    Berry me in polish.

  68. padackled

    Let me Mauve you

  69. Aliyah Dickinson

    What if she chose a dress and Tyler sees it???? I thought that was bad look 👀

  70. Sue McCashland

    do y'guys think andros was excited to make safiya an intro song beforehand or after the fact

  71. marylyn rodrigo

    Saf-fald would’ve been cool too lol

  72. Emotional lps

    You should call the polish mauve over

  73. Nikee Noll' Torres

    Franken nail

  74. 劉兆斌

    13:22 illuminati Palette? did saf just predict the future?

  75. Cheri Murray


  76. Karissa Mcdonald

    Simply Frankin

  77. Jumping Dapple

    I know this sounds weird but when I can't sleep I listen to your videos and I fall asleep instantly

  78. Destiny Ann Foxx

    Saftine Or Crisfiya 'Cause it's their baby

  79. Claire Chen


  80. Paw Printz

    I had a rara skirt I loved to wear back in 1987, pity you didn't show that item.

  81. I.E. Pirillo

    "Mauvelous" (Marvelous + Mauve for that franken)

  82. Priyanka Dave Sahai

    Why does Saf lowkey sing when she talks?😂 Anyone?

  83. The Gazelle

    The progress from then to now 👏🏽

  84. Demi Bevan

    Frankin mauve

  85. Isha Upadhyay

    This video actually helps alot, we take our cat on walks too and just thought we were bad parents inflicting the outside world on her.. but she’s very similar to crusty!

  86. FATIMA A

    Saffiyah its because you truly are a ravenclaw that's why it exploded ravenclaw 2 times for you💙💙💙

  87. udara rathnayake

    She said Whupaaa.... #Chandlervibes

  88. Lee-Anne K

    That middle finger weirded me out. Not gonna lie.

  89. Kate PinkandFluffy

    Just a quick late idea for the name: "You mauve me" :)

  90. bhaveena the dog lover

    Muave and Grove is my name

  91. Infinity Turtle


  92. Ella Kate

    ''just mauve it'' maybe???

  93. brianne

    i really wanna see a part 2 with loads more outfits too!!! so informative and fun to watch

  94. Silvia Katherin

    "It's so soft. I'm going too deep." Me: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  95. Megan Breen

    I swear KZsel knows my period cycle as everytime it's that time of the month, I get recommended the period videos 😂

  96. Paw Printz

    Hi Safiya I wish you had your channel 20 years ago when I was just starting to wear make up. You not only show what brands are good but also how to apply. You have the prettiest face. I'm loving your channel.

  97. Dana Charaf

    Waiittttt. Whhaatttt. Facebook bought Instagram?????

  98. Shellface

    I love the idea of it being Simply Frankish or Simply Frankin polish

  99. • Togurt •

    My dad was born 1 year before it

  100. Mikhyla Santiago

    I think it should be simply franken