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  1. zpduff01

    Pimp My Ride 2019

  2. Two Three

    The car's shape has taken decades to evolve, so that a noob street racer can stick a standard wide body kit to it, because they think it makes it "unique" and "cool".

  3. Gaming World

    Nice video ,i have been watching you from the blue mustang rebuild ,your videos are great keep the great work you are doing !!!!

  4. Robin

    It would have been quicker to paint it white when you painted your Ferrari and then apply the graphics.

  5. dragonback75

    would you have a link to the rear spolier and the chassis mount kit you used thanks

  6. Chris Kosar

    scene cut...Alright...alright..alright

  7. Jean marc Hachey

    hey good job on your channel! I was wondering if you guys found a name for your boat? i would call it BLUE LAGOONZQUAD ! keep up the good work boys PEACE!

  8. Daniel Porras


  9. Daniel Porras


  10. Bailey Butler

    You always need a wing big enough to be a lunch table

  11. Michael Magill

    What can't you guys do ? Wow very nicely done !!! Nothing you two can't do!!

  12. Richard Jackson

    Y’all should have another Chanel for when u complete the build and want to drive the car because I know that some people wanted to see u drive the lambo ..........the list goes on and on

  13. İFHÃM BŘØ šļ

    Whare your cat broo

  14. Platform2020

    Excuse me but you can not use the phrase " we do got " as it is very poor English.

  15. benzboston

    you guys need to pay more attention to that beautiful puppy you got

  16. Abrar Jahin

    This car is looking way better then white wrap🐸

  17. jon vink

    Hey guys just need to say I dont know why but putting back dirty parts really bugs me I just thought you should be cleaning all the parts when there off so that anyone watching knows that when you build a car its as good or better than stock sorry to say after trying to support as much as I can by watching all ads and being a sub and every time givin thumbs up I may change to thumbs down if you keep putting dirty parts on cars to save minutes is showing poor workmanship, answer on vid as to why you feel its not right to clean the parts and prove me wrong.

  18. Dontay Martinez

    Daaaang SON!

  19. Johnpaul Mangalus

    kzsel.info/a/al1qNv6CSKtSLUBEFVQuHg Plss like and subscribed my KZsel channel thankyou 😊

  20. Blerdian Bajraliu

    Wide body black

  21. Tommy Ferrigno

    Damn jack off all trades!!!!! What have you not tackled

  22. 2165iceman

    Yet again Wheres the DEVLIN?

  23. Jeff G

    you guys been wearing those camo hoodies for moths , thought you would of done a camo wrap.

  24. Philip

    Some interesting choices to wrap the carbon as well. But it might make sense when it's done.

  25. DJ KIFLA

    You are the best♥️♥️♥️

  26. Everything car bro

    love your videos they are inspiring , and absolutely amazing and love the builds and overall your videos are amazing are the wraps are good and i love it so much.

  27. Rajat Rana


  28. PROFESSOR - Gaming Content

    You have to paint that car guys, à wrap looks too cheap

  29. Stevie Reid

    Dude those rims look sooooooo good

  30. John Murphy

    Spanner nut

    1. John Murphy

      Is what that nut is called on coil over

  31. Matthew Black

    Damn i just gotta see this wrap and graphics complete, beginning to feel like an episode of DBZ at the end of these.

  32. Rick Leonard

    Dudes...your videos are too short!😔

  33. Ernest Suarez

    That SUCKER looks good

  34. Crimson King

    They should check with TJ Hunt for solutions on the tires rubbing. They had to cut out parts of the inner fender structure and body to get turning clearance.

  35. Wolfgang Ebner

    "WOW" NICE JOB!!!

  36. Clean Nuts

    Hey guys great work when you move onto decals see how I did mine kzsel.info/video/bejne/p2yUec2ynbmhv3E.html If it helps that’s great love and support from UK

  37. jackthemetalhead 21

    And you should wash every part when you take them apart!

  38. jackthemetalhead 21

    Looks cool, but dammit guys, at least one out of two Ferraris should be red !!!

    1. jackthemetalhead 21

      Red looks better than white!!!

  39. Chris Waldron

    It rubs when you turn, but you want to lower it more. WTF? Epic fail boys.

  40. Byron Greasley

    Dang! Where is that front bumper on the spyder from? Looks similar to the design on the F12 N Largo S? And the rear blacked out section that looks like the rear grill of a Speciale? is that wrap?

  41. Jack alfonso

    Do a Tesla model x

  42. Chris Waldron

    So I don’t get that you’ve got a dodgy paint job on the car, you get it wrapped, then one day someone gets tired of the white, wants to pull it off and has to go to the expense of getting it painted completely and properly?

    1. PaulioMaldinio

      I think Its getting tuned, bucket seats, the full works, so there's a chance the body won't need to be perfect.

  43. Afrodizzay Music Group

    I guess we need to wrap the kit car now after the last failed attempt

  44. Phresh xMetal

    does anyone know what that sponge/squeegee is that they are using to scrape off the water between wet sanding grits?

  45. JB GK

    I think these two were raised bye joe dirt every sentence is dang son or talking about deff leppard lol

  46. Whakaplayz

    you guys should tint the head lights red

  47. Rewind the Wreck

    Awesome stuff lads 😎👌

  48. SwagMan

    Leave the carbon cevlar exposed on the front fenders!😫

  49. steveoy100

    Nice work but you have to keep those vents above the front wheels Black, not white

  50. Constantine Kampanis

    You guys learn fast. I enjoy watching your work. Keep it going

  51. Quint Gordon

    I'm new

  52. Magic Elrobertos

    SiCK Wrap Guys 🔥💪

  53. fuelbasti

    Impressive Job! But are you not concered about particles in the air due to the ofen?

  54. Stamatis Gabriel

    nice job

  55. Manuel Yepez

    These guys are going get better at welding in the future and look back at this video and cringe on the welds lol. Love the videos keep up the great work

  56. 789costela

    Goonzqaud ask Tj_hunt they got a Ferrari gt3 458 wide body to ! & they done some mods to make so the tire don't rub when they turn the wheels (& yes they have some fat tire !) & they made some mods to fit the wipper & wipper fluid! :)

  57. Dream Big

    What happened to the lambo build ?.. (the convertible one)

  58. Gorge Jesson

    I think this car will be tossed to dde

  59. Mustafa Al-Ameen

    That is gonna be a WRAP for today's video :). Missed the opportunity to call the wrap guy a RAPPER

  60. Phteven YT

    You gotta respect the man's wrapping skills 👌

  61. Asad Shamsi

    Are you doing it for DDE ?

  62. Russell Brown

    Yea i remember when they attempted to wrap the kit car didnt turn out well i do have to say you boyz have come along way However i prefer paint to wrapping any day well good luck boyz have fun with that exotic car wraps

  63. Mohammed Riyadh


  64. Faisal Al thani

    It looks better without the wing

  65. N3wt

    Why white? I was hoping another colour. 🤔

  66. Build Everything

    Hey i have 4 235 30 r 20s if you want them

  67. Matt Spriggs

    I'm not a painter's asshole, but have tried. Trailers ok, but cars I was told not to give up my day job. But reckon a wrap on a straight forward car should be alright. I am a auto/marine trimmer and find that a heat gun can help fix a ton of faults. Would you say the wrap material is cheap or is it a bit pricey. Looking at doing my fishing bus in a navy blue camo. What do ya reckon? Cheers in advance. Love you boys enthusiasm, makes it a delight to watch.

  68. Inferno Days

    When he finishes in 2048 rolling down the streets with "the oldest car in the world" according to 10 yr old kids born in 2038

  69. ABKM

    This Ferrari is likely to Win the worst looking GT3

  70. raed ameen

    You must use a special room to paint cars

  71. Andy Mitchell

    She is looking excellent 👍👍👍

  72. Justin Berry

    Top Video again lads love watching these even my 5year old is starting to watch as well and she likes them Justin from the uk 👍🏼

  73. Ronnie Young

    nice work guys

  74. Niko G

    You all done it some more sweet looking job on the wrap again you all some cool dude I like your passion you have for rides keep it brotha's ...Niko NGK KUSTOMZ

  75. taatelitiimi produktions

    Usually when removing those top hex nuts from the shocks, i let spring push agaist the shock top plate, because that does not let the shock shaft spin and makes it easier to get it open. Use spring compressors to back you up tho so you wont brake bones when the sping unloads. Just get the spring compressor finger tight, that should be enought back up against the spring when the nut is removed.

  76. ID Movies

    It wud b more aggresive if the vents in the finders were black too

  77. vargo hoat

    i wonder how much it would cost to get everything done on the gt3 458 to this point when it comes to ;labor, must be like 30 grand easy

  78. jesse vazques

    Good job!

  79. J. Harker83

    Should've sent it to acw to include another youtuber that dominates the wrap game..

  80. Nick Kroll

    Wrap the roof black

  81. Steve Brignoni

    wet the floors before you paint........stop the dust from going in your paint!!!

  82. dr reckoff

    you should put the compressed shock in a bench vise and used a propane torch to heat that adjusting ring from the bottom and make sure you have some penetrant there to lube those threads after you break it free.

  83. Mark McKinley

    Get out the white wrap? Doood you colorblind?

  84. Seba Bujor

    Let us choose next build

  85. steve ash

    You boys want your ass slapping...how can you cover the carbon slats on the fenders...nooooooooo!!!!!! They should stay an be nice shiny carbon fiber like tj hunts.

  86. Kahoush Assaad

    This is what I call ruining a perfectly nice car!

  87. Lunacorp1

    Wrapping is Art!

  88. J Z

    I wonder why he was straight heating the clear coat?

  89. jer bo


  90. hungryalien

    when you can already hum along to the background music and its variations :D

  91. Budget Builds

    A lot of “daaannnngg sooonn”s, time, and clear coat later.......Ferrari 458 GT-3 is Finished video

  92. Extreme Kustomz 615

    They make a 25 series tire also you might can try to see if it get you the clearance you need

  93. petru ailenei

    I really like the goonz but chopping a sports car to make it look more sporty it's just a bad idea.this 458 now just looks good no doubt but its just a bad car to drive at high speeds because we all know italian car are all about technology and engineering.also i believe the price on this car will go down and not up like it should.

  94. Phree Will

    Add spacers , and lower profile tires to stop the rubbing.


    can you find wrecked New Toyota Supra?

  96. Maverick

    "how to ruin a Ferrari episode 6"

  97. Nathaniel Mathies

    Those nuts on the damper don't adjust the height of the car, they are preload adjustment.

  98. Lalo

    Put “Dannnngg son” on a shirt and sell it I would buy that😂

  99. Maverick

    The rear flares dont sit that nice, they are wavy.

  100. medusa little

    gosh darn. huge leap from the goblin failed attempts to this. props to the teacher!