Assassin’s Creed Origins Curse of the Pharaohs DLC Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]

12 М. рет қаралды19

    Assassin’s Creed Origins turns two years old this week! To celebrate its birthday and the spookiest time of the year, join the Ubisoft News team as they wander the Egyptian afterlife, fight giant scorpions, and challenge the mighty Gods themselves in the Curse of the Pharaohs expansion.
    Set in Ptolemaic Egypt, Assassin’s Creed Origins puts players in the role of Bayek of Siwa, one of the last Medjay of Egypt as he and his wife, Aya, fight for the people of Egypt amid heated political conflicts with foreign neighbors. Origins introduced a full country to explore, dramatically overhauled combat, hundreds of quests, RPG mechanics, and many more new features. Assassin’s Creed Origins is included as part of UPLAY+, for more information visit

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    1. RedFoo fan

      This game, man ... no words! Just thank you Ashraf and thank you Ubisoft! Next game has to be more like AC Origins and nothing like Odyssey!

      1. RogueAssassin

        Next game is said to be a Unity within an Odyssey

      2. Praise The Sun

        Its gonna be vikings apparently from what i have heard and Ashraf is creating it.

    2. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

      Hey A Band of The Pharaoh's Medjays Seal to Ancient Greece and Ended up running into Odyssey Assassin's and Spartans they Find the Killers who Really kill his Son There Really in Greece there in Greek Settlement so Bayek and his Bands of 15 Elite Pharaoh's Medjays an Kushite Mercenaries from Kush you Customize Kush Mercenaries as well an Kushite an you can Recruit Mercenaries from Kush Nubia Kushite Mercenaries Medjays to fight in your Band Army Sea to Greek Settlement Egyptian's War Ships and Siege It You can Customize Agygptian War Ships An All 15 unique Medjays an Cloaks Characters including Bayek But The Odyssey Assassin's Greeks Assassin's Will Not Let that Happen This is there First Time Meeting Face to Face What would Happen if they Meet Face to Face In CrossOver Bayek Pharaoh's Medjays or Odyssey Assassin's It's Never Been Done Before CrossOver and You either have Choice to play as Bayek Pharaoh's Medjays or Odyssey Assassin's Greeks But that would be so Epic Tho Just Imagine what would happen or Bayek run into Odyssey still in search of Really finding his Sons Killer who He's Really in Ancient Greece sounds so Epic

    3. Sparda HR

      Platinum trophy? I got every single ac platin

      1. Skelter Kaito

        Every every ? Respect I only platinumed ezio trilogy and origin... I hated unity and syndicate

    4. Sparda HR

      Pls make ac persia with darius

    5. Q'own Son

      Splinter Cell: Triops Play as a Military Frog-man Unit voiced by Michael Ironside, Nameless Old Soldier, way past his life-expectancy as a special forces soldier, surrounded by much better younger ones. And make it a horror game for some reason. I want a horror Splinter Cell Game, where being quiet, slow, and reluctant to shoot first is the way to survive. Basically Metal Gear Solid 6.

    6. DanPH77

      Origins focused on having a better story and gameplay overall as opposed to Odyssey which wasnt as good because they tried to add to much filler garbo to it to make it seem huge when most of it was "copy and paste". I still dont care for the RPG element and would like to see a classic AC game again

    7. Poonam Kumari

      Sir, I want to play this game but I can't afford a gaming PC like you. Please can you send me a PC? I will be very thankful to you, Please sir you are very rich kindly do some mercy on the poor gamers. Then your productions will become more profitable for you.

    8. stone1409

      Game was okay, but the graphics is beautiful I need a remake of AC1 with these graphics. Or a remake of Ezio Assassin Creed with these graphics. Or just a new Assassin Creed series with these Graphics but based on the old orginal Assassin Creed.

      1. Skelter Kaito

        Hoe about a good story instead ?

    9. Andree Tungcab

      No Bayek trilogy?! That's why your sales are failing Ubisoft. Serves you right for going with Odyssey instead.

    10. Francisco Villa

      Ghots Recons ya queremos la "I.A"

    11. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

      They Should Added The Pharaoh's Medjays in The For Honor Game The Pharaoh's Medjays an Samurai an Knight and Viking They Were Great Warrior's The Medjays we're Way Better Archer's then the The Samurai

    12. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

      I Hope they Make More Realistic Ancient Africa Egyptian's Game's and Nubian Kush Kushite Warrior Games in Future an African Base Games in General Great Work Glory yeahhhh

    13. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

      Nubian Kushite Assassin's Creed The Kushite Warrior fought Rome

    14. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

      What is This I Love This Game So Much what is This a DLC but They Should have Started in Nubia Kush First

    15. ari_ lapis

      Bayek Sequel 😳

    16. willzurmacht

      I loved Origins, the narrative and the main character. Odyssey, not so much so I sold my copy

    17. Hi Bye

      This game was more fun than Odessey the map in Odessey was too big with no transportation or good fast travel points

      1. Sparda HR

        In origins neither.. only viewpoints like odyssey .

      2. DanPH77


    18. Danilo Catania

      Just got this on the last xbox one sale, I missed AC Origins, cant wait to start it

    19. kniVes

      This was the last good game and DLC you guys ever did... What happened? Well, we know what happened. The suits took away your creative freedom and now we have all this live service looter bullshit that nobody wanted.

    20. Lauren Bee

      My favorite game and DLC! I love ancient Egypt and read and create art based on ancient Egypt and you blew this out of the water. I can’t wait to replay it for a third time and do the discovery tour again

    21. Yuri Brito

      This game is a MASTERPIECE! A MASTERPIECE! Origins is simply one of the best games of the Assassin's Creed series. The depiction of Alexandria in this game, for example, is incredible, especially the two masterpieces built by Ptolemy I Soter/Πτολεμαίος Σωτήρ and Ptolemy II Philadelphus/Πτολεμαίος Φιλάδελφος: the Lighthouse of Alexandria ( Φάρος της Αλεξάνδρειας) and the Great Library ( Βιβλιοθήκη της Αλεξάνδρειας). During this period, Alexandria became, in my own words, the "Athens of Africa" ( Η Αθήνα της Αφρικής), a city of philosophers and scholars ( Μία πόλη φιλοσόφων και μελετητών) and the heart of the Greek intellectuality ( Η καρδιά της Ελληνικής διανοητικότητα). However, at the time the game is set ( 49 BC), Ptolemaic Egypt already was in decadence. In the 40s BC, only Egypt stood between the Romans and their total control of the Mediterranean ( MARE INTERNVM/MARE NOSTRVM). Ptolemaic Egypt, once a powerful political organization under the governments of Ptolemy I Soter/Πτολεμαίος Σωτήρ ( who founded the last Egyptian "phase" before the Roman conquest); Ptolemy II Philadelphus/Πτολεμαίος Φιλάδελφος ( who financed and finished the Lighthouse and the Great Library) and, finally, Ptolemy III Euergetes/Πτολεμαίος Ευεργέτης ( whose reign marked the maximum territorial expansion of the Ptolemaic Egypt), however, gradually became a vassal state of the Romans ( under Roman "protection"). During the reign of Ptolemy XIII ( the Pharaoh of the game), the Greek Αίγυπτος ( Egypt) was practically a new Roman Province. Nevertheless, Egypt officially became a Roman province ( PROVINCIA AEGYPTI/ AEGYPTVS) only after Octavian's victory at the Battle of Actium ( 31 BC). The depiction of Memphis, once the powerful capital of the Old Kingdom ( which comprised the III; IV; V and VI Dynasties), in turn, is also incredible. Furthermore, Memphis was also the great capital of Lower Egypt ( Ta-Mehu). The area of Memphis; Giza and Saqqara, in my personal analysis, represents the glory of the Old Kingdom, its great legacy. In Giza, for exemple, the three greatest symbols of the IV Dynasty: the Pyramids of Cheops; Khafre and Menkaure. In Saqqara ( the Necropolis of Memphis), in turn, Imhotep's masterpiece: the Pyramid of Djoser, the glory of the III Dynasty. The inclusion of Thebes during the so-called "the curse of the Pharaohs" ( one of the two expansions of AC Origins), on the other hand, was also of utmost importance to the game's historical and educational plot. In addition to being the capital of Upper Egypt ( Ta-Shemu), Thebes ( Waset) was also the great capital of Kemet ( Egypt) for long periods during the Middle Kingdom ( which comprised the XI and XII Dynasties) and, of course, during the glorious period of the New Kingdom ( which comprised the XVIII; XIX and XX Dynasties). Following the expulsion of the Hyksos and the establishment of the XVIII Dynasty by Ahmose I, Thebes became the great religious and political capital of Egypt, the center of the cult of the triad Amon-Mut-Khonsu. The Temple of Karnak ( Ipet-sut as it was called by the Egyptians), for exemple, was precisely the center of the cult of the Theban triad Amon-Mut-Khonsu. In short, the game also portrays Thebes very well ( including the Temple of Karnak). Thanks Ubisoft for this amazing game! Rome for the next Assassin's Creed, we need a sequel to Bayek's history!

      1. Skelter Kaito

        Nah the story isnt that good but I loved the gameplay and the open world

      2. insertnamehere

        Black Flag was good

      3. Erik Jodin

        Correction. It is the best game in the series

      4. RGB David

        Yuri Brito absolute facts, everything was beautifuly made

    22. lil dan

      Now I think they should replay assassins creed 1

      1. Malcolm McCorkle

        I surely do miss em

      2. Malcolm McCorkle

        I think they hate the old games.

    23. Novanders


    24. Ghosty Medusa508

      finally you guys do some of the Saxons Creed origins I've been waiting for this can guys also make a new DLC because both of them I really want another one please

    25. Assassin_GR2234

      Ubi wtf?

    26. nighthawk Shady

      love this game ,playing it these days ..

    27. Starsat Gaming

      Best acreed game ever

    28. Silent.Montre

      add more content to this amazing game! why not a dlc of amunet in rome smh, why does odyssey have so much more content than origins

      1. Skelter Kaito

        @Vatsalay Khobragade the world and gameplay is great and its beautiful but the story is not that good IMO

      2. Vatsalay Khobragade

        I hate oddesey

      3. Aaron Brown

        I liked this game more than odyssey

    29. Domz

      Who plays this anymore?

      1. Nanachi

        Dude, there's millions of people in the world.

      2. Travelling Gamer

        I bought it recently on sale so I'm playing through it at this moment. You are welcome.

      3. GameyStewie 07

        Alot does I do from time to time, I'll play this and when I'm done I switch over to Odyssey or another one

      4. RogueAssassin

        @Domz Many

    30. Kurt Cobain

      What's happening what is this

    31. RogueAssassin

      Loved this DLC

      1. Joshua Hh

        I bought it couple of days before this was streamed and I bought the hiden ones DLC couple of days after this stream

      2. Skelter Kaito

        @RogueAssassin yeah its fucking great

      3. RogueAssassin

        Bought it back in 2017. Still loving it ❤️

    32. Fat Boy

      Wait what

      1. Shift_Script

        Fat Boy Halloween..