Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: One Year Anniversary Stream 10/9 | Ubisoft [NA]

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    Join us as we celebrate Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s first birthday by tackling the final Tales of Ancient Greece quests around the Aegean. In classic Assassin’s Creed fashion, the Ubisoft News team will be sneaking through enemy encampments, stabbing guards, climbing mountains, and hunting mercenaries with a fully unlocked skill tree and legendary gear.

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes players on a heroic voyage through Ancient Greece amidst one of the deadliest conflicts in history, the Peloponnesian War. In a first for the franchise, players choose their hero, either Alexios or Kassandra, outcast Spartan mercenaries who will explore a beautiful living, systemic open world, where they will uncover the truth about their mysterious pasts and become legendary Greek heroes. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s also available as part of UPLAY+, for more information head over to

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      Ubisoft I love you!!

    2. Sophiyân Ansâri

      Assassin's creed needs a Bayek sequel!!!

    3. Moraktion

      Really need the next entry in this series to be AC: Feudal War that takes place in Japan with samurai and ninjas!!

      1. Skelter Kaito

        No please not japan sounds already boring


      Add FOV In R6 Console

    5. Igor G

      Is it i am getting older, or just assasins creed scenario and dialogues are getting more primitive with each new game? Like you create greater graphics while oversimplyfing everything else, especially the scenario. It is primitive, the dialogues are logicless, pointless and you actually may not read them at all and still go and kill em all and get all the expirience points.

    6. Agent Urke 007

      Pls next assassin's creed game 2020 be on italy sorry i dont know english vrey good

    7. PlayStation P.S.I

      Pls Make next assassin game kassandra again Its good

    8. Sparda HR

      Pls make a assassins creed game set in persia i want to play as my favorit assassin darius! I got everysingle ac platinum on my playstation!

      1. Skelter Kaito

        Thats a great Idea. Never thought about Darius ;)

    9. All In One

      *Ubisoft, can you PLEASE make Driver: Melbourne, Australia?!?! I’ve LITERALLY been asking for that game for YEARS!*

    10. Riaz Yaqubi

      "Uhh" "umm"

    11. MOKA

      does odysee have new game +

      1. Kasaix

        @MOKA You're welcome.

      2. MOKA

        @Kasaix thanks

      3. Kasaix

        Yes it does, just clear the main campaign.

    12. Cole Zulkowski

      Happy anniversary to you Ubisoft great job on your guys games

    13. Glutton

      Hey Ubisoft why not make a Assassin’s Creed game like Assassin’s Creed dynasty

      1. Kasaix

        A Dynasty Warriors style AC game? Hell yes. I'd so be down for that. Ezio was in Soul Calibur, so it could work.

    14. Worrawit Dulyavitya

      There weren’t any Sub-saharan Greece and female mercenary during time you fucking morons.

    15. Ronald Dumb


      1. 41Games

        Ronald Dumb оруууу😂 актуальная проблема

    16. DAKS AKO

      They have an assasin the time of the french revoluoution i hope they also make for the fillipino....

      1. DAKS AKO

        Im saying that it would be awesome ...if ubisoft would be able to make assasins creed unity based in the filipino history

      2. CricketTicket Picket


      3. DAKS AKO

        I hope they make in the history of the fillipinos.........

    17. Lightning Zeus

      This game is just awesome. I've been playing about 400+ hours. 👍🏻

      1. Lightning Zeus

        @DanPH77 I've done everything in the game (99lv, dlcs, ng+ ..)!

      2. Roz Ropoperperithras

        I agree, the most wonderful world in a game, congrats Ubi!

      3. ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΣ

        @DanPH77 this game is plentiful, only by exploring almost every corner of its world and fully grinding takes a lot time.

    18. DekWisnu CH

      Far Cry Primal 2 Crate

    19. Da'Sean Kelley

      Add back story creator XP farming dammit

    20. JewBearBagel

      Not only does this game look bad visually, it just doesn't look like Assassin's Creed. Very disappointing what Ubisoft has done with their biggest franchise's. Breakpoint looks absolutely awful as well.

      1. crapgamer reviews G

        If you play this game on base console especially. Xbox one the graphics is bad... This game best played on ps4 pro xbox one x and mid to high end pc

      2. Yes That is correct


      3. CircusKing

        JewBearBagel Your Expectations went too high.

    21. Yuri Brito

      Assassin's Creed Odyssey portrays Athens and its Acropolis perfectly well. The depiction of Athens in this game is incredible. At the height of its power ( specially in the V century BCE), Athens, in my own words, became the "glory and the pride of Attica" ( Η υπερηφάνεια και η δόξα των Αττικής); the cradle of democracy ( Το λίκνο της δημοκρατίας); the "capital of philosophy" ( Η πρωτεύουσα της φιλοσοφίας); the "city of philosophers and scholars" ( Μια πόλη φιλοσόφων και μελετητών) and the "center of the world" ( το κέντρο του κόσμου). The construction of the Parthenon, for exemple, had exactly the intention to symbolize and personify the glory of the city. The Athenian Acropolis ( more specifically the Parthenon), on the other hand, was Pericles' great legacy ( the " first citizen of Athens"/"Πρώτο πολίτη των Αθηνών"). The Parthenon personified the glory of Athens' Golden Age ( Χρυσού Αιώνα). In addition to replace the ancient buildings of the Acropolis ( which were completely destroyed by Xerxes and Mardonius' troops following Leonidas' defeat at Thermopylae), Pericles had also the intention to overcome and symbolize the glory of the city of his new Athenian Acropolis. The depiction of the Parthenon in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, on the other hand, is also incredible.

      1. Skelter Kaito

        Yeah awesome game. History is awesome

    22. Malcolm McCorkle

      Take out Assassin’s Creed out of the Title because you obviously forgot on how to make an Assassins Creed game.

      1. Younes Barhili

        They made a good game. Stop moaning

      2. Malcolm McCorkle

        CircusKing not until they change it

      3. CircusKing

        Malcolm McCorkle No, Get over it.

      4. Kasaix

        Exactly! I've been saying this for a while. It might've done better with AC fans if they didn't try to shoehorn in AC elements in such a jarring and hamfisted way.

    23. Slim Rdms

      تخلع نزهى

    24. João Alvez

      Thanks Ubisoft 🙌👏

    25. Jeandre 08

      Is there gonna be a - 33% sale again or not ????

    26. Yuri Brito

      Assassin's Creed is undoubtedly the most educational game series of the video game market today. Assassin's Creed has a purely historical and educational bias. Assassin's Creed Odyssey, for example, portrays very well the Ancient Greek world ( Έλλάς). The game is simply accurate with everything, including the Greek geography and historical characters. However, in my personal analysis, Ubisoft also should have included Asia Minor and Magna Graecia/Μεγάλη Έλλάς in Assassin's Creed Odyssey ( both were also part of the Έλλάς). In Asia Minor, for exemple, it would be interesting to include the twelve Ionian cities of Asia Minor ( currently located in the Turkish provinces of İzmir; Aydın; Manisa; Uşak and Muğla). With the exception of Samos/Σάμος and Chios/Χίος ( which were part of the Twelve Ionian cities and are present in the game), Assassin's Creed Odyssey could have included Miletus/Μίλητος ( the cradle of philosophy/Το λίκνο της φιλοσοφίας); Ephesus/Έφεσος; Teos/Τέως; Klazomenae/Κλαζομεναί; Colophon/Κολοφών; Myus/Μυος; Priene/Πριήνη; Erythrae/Έρυθραί; Phocaea/Φώκαια and Lebedos/Λέβεδος. In Magna Graecia/Μεγάλη Έλλάς ( as the Romans called the Greek colonization in the present Italian regions of Sicily; Calabria; Basilica; Puglia and Campania), on the other hand, it would be interesting to include the poleis ( cities) of Syracuse/Συράκουσαι ( the largest and most important city of Magna Graecia since the days of the tyrants Gelon I and Hiero I); Agrigento/Agrigentum/Ακράγας ( Sicily's second most important city since the days of the tyrant Theron/Θήρων in the early V century BCE); Croton/Κρότων ( the largest and most important polis of Calabria); Metapontium/Μεταπόντιον ( the largest and most important polis of Basilicata/Lucania); Taranto/Tarentum/Τάρας ( the most important polis of Puglia and once the only Spartan colony in the Greek world) and/or Paestum/Ποσειδωνία ( the most important polis of Campania). Nevertheless, the game portrays the Greek world IN present-day Greece ( which was the center of the Έλλάς) perfectly well. Thanks Ubisoft. Rome, the Queen of Italy ( REGINA ITALIAE) for the next Assassin's Creed!

    27. Alan Gutiérrez

      let this game die

      1. Yes That is correct

        @CircusKing I somewhat agree with you

      2. CircusKing

        Alan Gutiérrez No, Let them keep working on this game for Anyone, Not for you and your Insult.


      So disappointed with this game, coming from a hardcore AC fan. Not only did it have nothing to do with the assassin's Creed story or lore, but it was filled with glitches, bad graphics, removed good gameplay mechanics, and had a clunky combat system that didn't even have shields, and made you move extremely slow in combat. The camera also swiveled around the character ridiculously despite alternating settings. What happened to "hold r2 + a" to run? Was that not simple enough? Not gonna put a full essay here, but videogames are nothing now compared to what they used to be. Franchises that have sinned relentlessly in the past 5 years such as destiny, assassin's Creed, NBA 2k, Tony Hawks ps, etc have made the gaming industry lose it's luster. Not to mention all the micro transaction scandals running rampant these days.

      1. Creed J

        @Kasaix The co-op is really fun but I wish they would add an option to decrease the amount of npc in the game since frame drops and glitches like npcs apearing out of thin air happen due to this.

      2. Kasaix

        @Creed J True, but it was still fixed and it's an incredible game. Co-op is amazing, and I hope they bring it back for future games. No PVP though, just PVE.

      3. Creed J

        @Kasaix It was fixed but at launch it was terrible especially on consoles.

      4. Kasaix

        @Creed J Unity was fixed and it's an incredible game.

      5. CircusKing

        SLAYA'S GAMES you been play games too much.

    29. Samuel Holt

      The Assassins creed series used to be WAY better

      1. Yes That is correct

        I think they had better story quality back then. Now it seems like Ubisoft focusses on amazing looking open worlds and fun gameplay. It's kinda sad. The old games at least had lore that made sense and was interesting. Now it they're just making it up half way. I just hope they just STOP GOING BACK IN TIME.

      2. Awais

        The old ac was literally just sneaking around and assassinating targets. That gets boring fast so this game clearly has more depth than the previous entries

      3. Malcolm McCorkle

        Samuel Holt Please say That AGAIN!!! I think UBISOFT didn’t hear you.

    30. jack sobhee

      Salut Ubisoft, Vous pourrez stp continuer la série Rayman et en parallèle continuer la série télé Rayman. Sa me brise le cœur de voir Rayman tomber peu à peu dans l'oubliette. Surtout à cause du fait que sa l'aisance est d'origine française.

      1. SpringGull

        Is that Latin?

    31. HyperVenom523

      I love this game so much!!

    32. Kasaix

      Odyssey was a great game, it just wasn't a great AC game. There was barely anything there that suggested it was an AC game. Dumont messed up because he wanted a Greek myth game, and Ubi wanted an AC game.

      1. Kasaix

        @Baker Corps Then they wrote themselves into yet another corner. That's poor story writing. Also, their RPG formula isn't fun. I know RPGs, this wasn't fun. The leveling was terrible, purposely made that way to sell the boosters. Stabbing guys in the back one level above you just leads to a beating. Everyone apparently has magic because their weapons catch fire or poison. A stark contrast to just regular blades used in other games. Magic works in Tales and Atelier, not in a series meant to be grounded. They went from Star Trek to Stargate.

      2. Baker Corps

        @DexterousIraqi Problem is you wouldn't have Assassin's Creed without the Isu technology it's the whole reason they're fighting so to just say it exists and that templars shouldn't have it is a very shallow and boring story, and if you think they can take out the pieces of eden and have templars try to take over the world it would never happen the pieces of eden is the only way they can achieve something like that.

      3. Baker Corps

        @Kasaix No they couldn't really, Elijah and Clay maybe, but Darius was technically the only assassin and I mean technically because assassins hadn't existed yet during the time of the Peloponnesian war and by the time the Italian Renaissance was around the Isu were basically extinct the assassins were formed during the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, I suppose what they could do to please fans and I find would make a good game would be to follow Aya into Rome and see how she forms bureau's across Rome/Italy eventually to return to Egypt to assassinate Cleopatra, Odyssey was just a chance for them to explain that sort of lore and we've got no idea what the next AC will be like although like I said I don't believe they're going to take away their RPG formula I find it a lot more fun but it's everyone's personal preference.

      4. Kasaix

        @Baker Corps You're saying they couldn't explore the pieces of eden and the Isu with an actual Assassin? They couldn't bring a cool past Assassin, or even Elijah in the present, to do that work? It was just Dumont and Cote who wanted to make a Greek myth game, and to hell with what actually made Assassin's Creed popular in the first place.

      5. DexterousIraqi

        Baker Corps Exactly. Assassins Creed Origins had shown the beginning of the assassins. Assassins creed Odyssey goes before the assassins were even formed. Which means Odyssey has absolutely nothing to do with assassins. The only aspect Odyssey has that is slightly related to Assassins Creed is the Isu technology. Nothing else.

    33. Echelon111999

      in description it shows breakpoint.

      1. alysson m

        Echelon111999 lmao

    34. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss

      Hi mom

      1. SpringGull

        Sup son