ONER (BC221) - Space (空间) [Chn/Pinyin/Eng Color Coded Lyrics]


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    ONER - 空间-BC221 2018 SPECIAL EP
    1. 如果你能感同我的身受 If You Could Feel What I've Felt
    2. 解药 Antidote
    3. 空间 Space
    Released: 2018-05-21
    Yueyue PinkRay:
    Mu Ziyang Kwin:
    Lingchao Didi:
    ONER: oner_official
    Yueyue PinkRay: pinkray_official
    Mu Ziyang Kwin: kwin0421_official
    Lingchao Didi: didichao_official
    ONER Subs Twitter: ONER_Subs
    Do NOT re-upload or claim the subs as your own. Enjoy!


    1. 神秘的河童

      剩下的时间 围在你身边 酒精的晕眩 逐步发热的脸 靠近一步看你的美 再近一点吻你的嘴 木子洋:大脑的芯片 被你给停电 烟里的视线 让你若隐若现 你的病毒怎么防备 这个夜晚难以入睡 灵超:No no no 卜凡:你的香奈儿装满酒杯 灵超:No no no 卜凡:你的面孔让人狼狈 木子洋:No no no no 岳岳:So babe how to spell ur name 木子洋:No no no no 岳岳:Now melody into my dream 合:Da la la da da la da da la da da la Da la la da da la da Da la la da da la da da la da da la Da la la da da la da da da la da la Da la la da da la da da la da da la Da la la da da la da 木子洋:飞着旋律 整个空间 卜凡:Drunk一宿都已经发抖 身边人请 shut ur mouth 暧昧成分酒精起了作用 别管群众 whistle 左手的啤酒 右手的烟头 沉浸在三维和4D之中 空气传递着迷人的前奏 世界停止 停止在我眼中 岳岳:其实我不常出来 到处嗨就这晚 其实我不是 bad guy 遇见你 是意外 你别这样笑 you don't know 搞得好像我对谁都问候 搞得好像我对谁都温柔 搞得你想成为我女朋友 卜凡:ABCD talk to me T R O U B L E 怎么说怎么做怎么能带你走 牵了手低了头想问你留与否 岳岳:带给朋友看 so pretty 木子洋:Pretty 岳岳:起码你高出他有1米 木子洋:1米 岳岳:现在起有一首旋律 木子洋:旋律 岳岳:哼给你 哼给你 耶 合:Da la la da da la da da la da da la Da la la da da la da Da la la da da la da da la da da la Da la la da da la da da da la da la Da la la da da la da da la da da la Da la la da da la da 木子洋:飞着旋律 整个空间

    2. Han A

      I miss bufan :(

    3. Jhong Peiwen

      You should kiss me first 我们阿懿真的好甜好甜 重录吧 歌曲都重录吧 白眼狼的part 去掉 重新编排 加上阿懿的歌声 我真的好难过啊

    4. ziyah

      came from k-pop vids and was like let's try c-pop (i think that's what u call it sorry if not), and im like okay this song looks cool and as soon as this dude starts singing i promise u im tearing up these ppl are so good!

    5. Uchi.S


    6. Sunny Side Up

      Any Mv for this song

      1. Hannah ,

        sadly, nope ):

    7. J in

      靈超:剩下的時間 圍在你身邊 酒精的暈眩 逐步發熱的臉 靠近一步看你的美 再近一點吻你的嘴 木子洋:大腦的晶元 被你給停電 煙⾥的視線 讓你若隱若現 你的病毒怎麼防備 這個夜晚難以入睡 合:NONONO 卜凡:你的香奈兒裝滿酒杯 合:NONONO 卜凡:你的面孔讓人狼狽 合:NONONO 嶽嶽:So babe how to spell ur name 合:NONONO 嶽嶽:Now meloy into my dream 合:da da da da 木子洋:飛著旋律整個空間 卜凡:drunk一宿都已經發抖 身邊人請shut ur mouth 曖昧成分酒精起了作用 別管群眾whistle 左手的啤酒 右手的煙頭 沉浸在三維和4D之中 空氣傳遞著 迷人的前奏 世界停止 停止在我眼中 嶽嶽:其實我不常出來 到處嗨 就這晚 其實我不是 bad guy 遇見你 是意外 你別這樣笑you don't know 搞得好像我對誰都問候 搞得好像我對誰都溫柔 搞得你想成為我女朋友 卜凡:ABCD talk to me T-R-O-U-B-L-E 怎麼說怎麼做怎麼能帶你走 牽了手低了頭想問你留與否 嶽嶽:帶給朋友看so pretty 起碼你高出他有1米 現在起有一首旋律 哼給你 哼給你 yeah 合:da da da da 木子洋:飛著旋律整個空間 合:da da da da 木子洋:飛著旋律整個空間

    8. TracyOK

      Mu Ziyang omgg

    9. Elodie Pts

      i love this song

    10. Полина Лунёва

      "Da la la da da la da da la da da la" мені нагадує "na na na na na na" VIXX.(але пісня там крута) Гарна пісня, але без кульмінації, хоча це і лірична композиція. Це тілька моя думка!) І не треба було "BS221" в кінці, усю лірику перекрило( Я хочу, щоб вони розвивалися, стаючи краще, вболіваю за них)

    11. Edanur Altın

      😍😍👍👍good music

    12. Tfboys & More!

      I ❤ Oner! Love this song, too.

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    14. byunTAE

      Ya'll can't sit here and tell me this song doesn't make you feel like you've been transported to an icy cold world? Spearmint gum is quaking

    15. Oh My Lord Taecyeon


    16. XW Ah

      Bu fans voice ahhhhhhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️ and other members omg


      i love ONER

    18. ar OvO


    19. Anna Štěpánková

      Bufan: Deep Voiced God

    20. Hockheng Ong


    21. H. Rashidi

      wow man, this is the first chinese band that ive fallen for! the instrumentals are so textured and dazzling. Qins line distribution is incredible and they really let each members vocal ranges and talents shine, e.g. bufans singing in dazzle, but soft rap here. great job :)

    22. PHOON PohLing

      ONER all songs not bad, i like it... >>> soon become my next favourite playlist

    23. Nathy1202

      This is SUCH a good song! Oner is doing THAT *heart eyes emoji*

    24. Bayag, Frances Leilanie P.

      pinkray 😍

    25. Mocha

      Ling Chao didi's voice is so pretty ♥

    26. nevian lim

      is this on spotify?

    27. 애도fuck보이 NIO

      The lyrics is blended in a bit too late for me... can someone write me the pinyin?

    28. mjau

      daaamn, this song is amazing😩 keep going guys❤❤❤

    29. 沉沉hao

      When your listening to this late night then jus for a few minutes you kust fall asleep😂😂gonna listen to this next morning😂😂💞

    30. Korena Guo


    31. Sandy He

      sorry i almost confused myself Dylan Wang (DiDi) with LIngchao (Didi). My bad =/

    32. MIMI L1485

      ziyang-ge .🔥i need to appriciate his voice more n more.... 😍

    33. CHITTAPPpRrR action


    34. sarah


    35. Bewee BW

      Im so proud over them tbh, so underrated and hardworking

    36. soph l

      dang who's the lady tho. her voice is so pretty

      1. URCHIN 1004

        You'll be surprised to find that she is the head of Qin Entertainment - Oner's company :>

    37. Obi Kwentoh

      Is ling chao a main vocalist in oner bc211

    38. ling鈴鐺


    39. lazydragon

      So proud of them! FanFan and LaoYue 😘 Ziyang and DiDi 🤗 They did it! Their voices complement each other well.

    40. Poteito Ayskeurim


    41. Martina Sokolová

      this is not the same Bu Fan from IP, this is so much better Bu Fan

    42. autumn m.


    43. Liliana F

      This song puts me in such a good state of mind, but I'm not sure are they oner or bc221??

      1. Liliana F

        Chu a oh I see thank you♡

    44. jangmi

      now seriously china should have music shows also for these upcoming idols to promote their songs.. huhuhuhuhu.. Im really happy for them

    45. marissa silvana

      wow de paro de escuchar esta canción,

    46. Sumo S


    47. stan cpop boygroup ONER

      1 dislike is mianku

      1. stan cpop boygroup ONER

        2nd dislike is bowen he accidentally clicked the button lmao

      2. stan cpop boygroup ONER

        2nd dislike is bowen he accidentally clicked the button lmao

    48. Lily G

      The lyrics are well written! I really like this ♡

    49. Naila Krisnazulfa

      "the giddiness from alcohol" Ling Chao what are you doing, you're not supposed to sing this omg. you're still underage, you're not even at the legal age of drinking alcohol yet. 😂😅🤔

      1. Gamer Aqua

        @Oh My Lord Taecyeon there is a legal age lol

      2. Oh My Lord Taecyeon

        In china there is no legal age

      3. H. Rashidi

        @SummerFox LOL got a link to the teaser?

      4. KYR KSY


      5. KYR KSY


    50. Michellewhyyy Wong


      1. chong jx

        Michelle DIY +1

    51. Starry Starlight

      I really like the lyrics...😍 And their voices caught me by surprise. The emotions...🤧

    52. dana


    53. 蔚蓝天空

      ONER ❤

    54. Annye

      bufan's voice ......ohhhhhhh jesus

    55. Ms. Kitty

      I just heard of them, yesterday, but I already love them. :D

    56. ori rommo

      Bu fan's deep voice tho 😍❤ i am so happy and proud of them❤

    57. Claire T Yang

      bufan's rap is my aesthetic ~ from PAPILLON to Space :')

    58. Claire T Yang

      this is so beautifully produced, I keep replaying it. everyone sounds angelic :') i'm so proud of them :)

    59. Jongin Is Holy


    60. L J

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> ohh 😮😯😯 he has such a low voice like it

    61. arianna

      please stop calling yueyue daddy hhshshsshhs

    62. fleur solaire

      god, that song gives me goosebumps. I love it, such a beautiful song

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    64. Fugo's Fork

      I need this on Spotify

    65. Pauline 03

      lingchao voice😭😭❤️

    66. 楊穎


    67. Armie Vitan

      Bufan and Yueyue's voices are killing me right now! T-T ONER, we're so proud to our boooys!

    68. another one

      Oner ft. Ms. Qin

    69. chickyjun

      the chinese font is really pretty

    70. blackpearl afifahifa


    71. starry kookies

      Who are they? I wanna Stan!

      1. JZ OFFICIAL

        And all of them are in idol producer

      2. Sarah Zimmerli

        starry kookies Oner freshly debuted Cpop group

    72. jam

      the best kinda song to listen to just lying awake in bed late at night,, im so so proud of them :’)

      1. XO_DiiMPLESZ

        jam doing that right now

    73. ninectstay_1205

      is there an mv for this?

      1. ONER Subs

        Currently, no

    74. arianna

      y-yueyue had like 4 lines

    75. 나는 유타를 사랑한다.I'M A GIRL LOVES NCT


    76. 나는 유타를 사랑한다.I'M A GIRL LOVES NCT

      Kwin's voice is so beautiful

    77. ally ho

    78. Chiara Montalbetti

      They fit so good together

    79. Ladiva Trisa


      1. Ladiva Trisa

        Sophia Qian HELLO FAM

      2. Sophia Qian

        really?! XD I meet a Mbb here

    80. Sara Nilsson

      Soooo proud!! x