The Division 2 - Part 1 - The Beginning (Full Game)



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    1. XSparkerIII

      Was skeptical, but you earned my like with the Walker Texas Ranger reference

    2. Survival Mike

      2:59 for Red Dead Redemption, Micah Bell.... :D

    3. CK AllDay

      I play alot of original division, and it seems to me like u walk past a lot of gun boxes, backpacks, ect that are in random places. Maybe ur doing it to just get through missions but those caches are huge early in game

    4. Capaque 2019

      oiu7u;yh.0jplu;ujoiumhoio0np;pm;ou7;lhh[oi'/o/io'olijjho8utg; 'h/tg; ]ff

    5. synnc

      I hate the graphics on this

    6. Chris C

      It was a good game

    7. KingdomHope

      10:07 of course she's underpowered, it's a girl

    8. Ross

      Was considering buying this but can anyone tell me if you can take some of the onscreen things off seems like it makes it awfully arcade like

    9. Robin V

      Reminds me of Homefront

    10. 10000 subs Without a video

      its jesus

    11. Ali Göktürk KALKAN

      wery good

    12. mata matosa

      why you are so red..

    13. Rick Smooth

      I haven't played either Division 1 or 2, so this might sound like a dumb question. I looked up the game details and it says these games are "online play only," yet I see people play and there's only 1 character. So what exactly does that mean?

    14. p25duke

      Gta franklin

    15. Ringtones ka raja

      Is it very realistic

    16. Seyli DZ

      is it offline game ?

    17. Panda_ penguin3666

      You think all the military forces we have shows in this game the government will likely get wiped completely out

    18. Readme .txt

      Can you save the game at some point and then reload to continue playing? The first Part of DIVISION was crappy in that matter.

    19. mstr wul1

      Something strange about guys using female characters???

    20. babai sadhukhan

      Just huss now man don't be speak anymore

    21. impie CR

      People spend way to much time dressing up there characters instead of playing the dam game he spent 20 minutes on making a character

    22. Itzurboi ExpertGamer

      that shiny forehead tho

    23. fikri ferdiansyah

      Anybody knows how to open the map?

    24. Ajai Manai

      Using wifi to play this game?

    25. Ajai Manai

      This game play online or without online like others game?

    26. rahemma smith

      This one looks a lot better... The first one sucked so bad!

    27. FLuiD_ Jax

      2:55 Hair CHOPS!!!!!!🤣🤣

    28. Roderick Castillo

      Bro, you need practice.

    29. M M

      Heavy gun huh...but light gun useless

    30. Aiman Zaim

      This game on pc or phone ?

    31. Egyptian Gamer Hady Nouh

      why does he clap ???

    32. Sadness PACALDO


      1. Sadness PACALDO

        sORRY IM WRONG

    33. Adam Byrd

      Is there any offline play?

    34. amirul aiman

      hey guys! quick question here. should i buy this game?

      1. Ajai Manai

        Ok tq

      2. amirul aiman

        @Ajai Manai internet connection required

      3. Ajai Manai

        This game play online or without online?

      4. hello !

        amirul aiman I would recommend the 2nd over the first as it is more polished and a better gaming experience overall

      5. hello !

        amirul aiman yes

    35. james llamera

      why does your character does not talk

    36. SuperSaiyan GodVegtio

      So wait this is online or is he playin offline

    37. dhyams 003

      12:48 that is the smoothest facecam edit I have ever seen

    38. Zach Lahr

      34:55. HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!!!


      I bought the first one an never played it much I’m not seeing anything different from the first one

    40. MrtopMeme

      *bangs on door furiously* THIS IS THE DIVISION OPEN UP!

    41. littleaub

      Well i am sticking with Far cry new dawn and the price is better too

    42. Anurag Srivastava

      Have u ever play pubg

    43. austin ryan

      If Tom Clancy makes a third division I think it should be in like South America or Europe or something like that

    44. Øyvind Hanstad

      Awsome series:)

    45. Hunter Mann_1

      This gun is insane! We’ll hardly have to reload- reloads after 15 shots XD i love trev

    46. Texascowboy68

      Also can you let’s play more Pokémon games like maybe one of the core rpg games?

    47. Texascowboy68

      Am I the only one who’s noticed that the main character model has a slightly big head?

    48. Joao Paulo

      10:53 Is it to read between the lines?

    49. DoogyV2 l

      So every thing else is torn while the monument is still standing

    50. Joshua Twyman

      I still don’t know what happened in the first game

    51. fros.

      37:38 you do have a shotgun

    52. John John

      You could be playing division 1 and I wouldn’t be able to see the difference.

    53. Kenway Lam

      god i love these edits

    54. AppleTech2011

      Whats up with your editing???

    55. say moe

      Stop skipping please

    56. VGC Media

      i WANT this game.... i NEED a life.... "its crazy to think about what you want and what you really need"

    57. Anibal

      The second best thing to ever happen to me was having a child - first best, buying The Division 2...

    58. XxBlurr

      I love how it was uploaded on my birthday but I didn’t watch it

    59. Wilfredo San Miguel

      you can play this game without internet pls reply

    60. DINGO KIS

      "Super detailed character creation" Can't create bald character

      1. Manik bedi