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    Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) seeks to follow through on the potential of it's predecessor. How does it hold up? Let's talk.
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    1. Jack Attack

      Saw this was £7.50 on Uplay atm. Might pick this up

    2. Mike Webster

      This reminds me at state of decay 2 without zombies . Looting and shit. i love that game, i really feel like they’re a little similar, you opinion.?

    3. Timothy Quiros

      Better than Destiny imo. It's more immersive and much lesser complex and time consuming bullshit to do, more straight to the point objectives and quests. Rewards are actually good more times than not and exploring in this game is rewarding.

    4. Alvid

      At least the division makes its apparel caches ( the cosmetic loot boxes ) kind of fair, every 2 or 3 levels you get a key for the crate and you can get easy items, its best when you reach max level because the xp stays the same so its very easy to level up and get the keys to earn items, i have leveled up many times and i have gotten a good few legendary items for completely free so divisions crate system, yes its still shitty but at least its more fair than other games systems.

    5. ScribbleVicious

      One thing that needs more credit in this game is that the level design is phenomenal, especially during the main missions.

    6. warthog91

      Just picked it up at the January sale. Tought i'd step on by and see if it was worth it.

    7. John Well

      Is there any issue about fps drop for this game for ps4 pro users? Asking this before i buy hahaha

    8. FermiGBM1

      Was cheap at the holiday sale :)

    9. ㄕㄋㄕㄋ

      Does the division 2 need ps plus to play this?

      1. ㄕㄋㄕㄋ

        @Sheep Call thanks

      2. Sheep Call

        ㄕㄋㄕㄋ You need it to play with Group and Dark Zones. And it’s free to Play it Alone.

    10. Ada Wong

      I feel like this game would be better with humans and zombies XD

    11. TAG

      I am always experiencing physical pain when I see a reviewer or especially game dev showcasing shooters using a controller.

    12. Nerds Playhouse

      Shoots guy in head 6 times with sniper rifle Guy doesn’t die Realize this isn’t the game for me:

      1. Nerds Playhouse

        Sheep Call that makes me a casual? LoL Okay boomer. Think you need to redefine what a casual is for yourself. I built my PC. I have an i9 9900k liquid cooled Gigabyte Aurus Mobo with 64 g ram, 5tb SSD, RTX 2080 ti, over 500 games on Steam alone and I am an Unreal Engine game developer... plus I’m a gaming KZselr. LoL Casual he says. Bitch please. I could school you in literally ANY aspect of gaming. Oh did I mention I own literally every mainstream console since Atari? Get the fuck outta here chump.

      2. Sheep Call

        Nerds Playhouse That’s makes you a Spoiled Casual who’s no better at games.

    13. Grant Journey

      It's on sale for like 10 bucks on ps marketplace right now.

    14. Wooshiii

      After watching this review, I'm genuinely considering buying The Division 2. I love how well done this review is too, good job Jake.

      1. Snick Snack

        Wooshiii it’s 16$ on ps4 rn

    15. John Payne

      Leave it up to Ubisoft to make a crappy first game and then come back a couple years later with a much better but not perfect game

    16. Vickon Targaryen

      Still playing 1 and 2

    17. Gary Bravo

      12. 99 on ps4 now

    18. Dave Lee Williams

      I always buy games when you say not too , I’m just like that😂

    19. Kshwizzle

      worth it for 15$?

      1. Sheep Call

        Kshwizzle Yes.

    20. Abhirup Roy

      I just bought this for $6.79 and guess what I have got the ultimate edition guys.

      1. Abhirup Roy

        @ReZ ZeR Good Job dude, because this is the lowest offer you can possibly get on a $90 edition.

      2. ReZ ZeR

        Abhirup Roy me too

    21. Mike J

      I loved the division 1 but the map was too small for me I hated walking down the snowy streets where it’s almost like a narrow alley but the division 2 has me hoping it’s worth it cause it looks fun

    22. TNK_Hollow

      Who’s here after getting division 2 ultimate edition for 9 bucks

      1. Carlos Huang


    23. Drew Shand

      Just copped the game for 16 bucks so

      1. Nyn_Qlipsy-_-

        I copped it too for 2$

    24. Pandas Rule

      When you watch before you buy about the game you just bought that’s still downloading!!!! *SAVAGE*

      1. Venkat Prashant

        I was downloading the game while I was watching this video 😂😂😂

      2. Kahhkeng -

        Pandas Rule lol i do this all the time and i regret it sometimes

    25. 24-hour box Fort challenge

      I am a New Yorker and I love the feel to to the first one and I love to play it on winter days

    26. Nick Vallese

      I really do like the artistry they brought to the game really does say something as it being my first day playing it I'm very interested in it so far

    27. Der Jude

      I just bought the division, survival, and underground for 20 bucks. They next day the division 2 went on sale for 15. A face palm moment u feel

      1. Reef ひ

        Der Jude that’s why I ALWAYS wait lol I don’t mind it

    28. Kahhkeng -

      I bought this game then searched the reviews on youtube. Such logic.

      1. Mr. Erock

        Snick Snack I did this too 😂 $7 at Target rn so why not lol

      2. Snick Snack

        KKHospiral - I had to it’s 16$ on ps4 rn

      3. Rykon Son


    29. Young DC

      its boring because of its repetitiveness and lack of (compelling) story/ characters

      1. Young DC

        @Sheep Call wdym?

      2. Sheep Call

        Young DC you been play games too much.

    30. Brandon Lopez

      I just bought mk 11 premium for $35 such a steal now I wat division 2 ultimate for $23 worth it ?

    31. M K

      so basically you shoot people

    32. NinjaRage 13

      I’m stuck between getting this game or Modern Warfare :/

      1. Esteban B. Reyes

        NinjaRage 13 get MF I’m my opinion is a more fun game

      2. Sakamadic GGWP

        You on pc cuz it’s only 4 bucks

    33. SPUD_BUTT

      5:54 made me die from laughing so hard.

    34. Commando Gaming

      Seems like ghost recon breakpoint

    35. Shawn Smith

      I just bought this new for $5.43

      1. Stupid Bear

        Lucky i got it for 12

      2. Shitbox Garage

        My best buy got shut down a while backn

      3. Shawn Smith

        Magic and Games not bad

      4. Magic and Games

        @Shawn Smith same and season pass for $11 lol

      5. Shawn Smith

        Mohamed Youssri best buy

    36. Moist Granny21

      Well, im buying this today now, thanks! lol

    37. Josua Cervania

      I know this is a stupid question i want to buy this game on uplay on my pc the multiplayer is free? no need the online pass like psn? Coz i just bought my pc recently and first time to play multiplayer in pc and this game still worth it and does any player still playing this nice game? Thanks in advance no bullshit please thanks onelove

      1. Harwil & Kuri

        yes the multiplayer is free

    38. Inuer Pichardo

      So for anyone who has played the division 2, how is the game now? Better or worse?

      1. Inuer Pichardo

        @CircusKing how has it gotten better?

      2. Inuer Pichardo

        @Freedom_Fighter damn I was thinking of getting it too, it's on sale

      3. Freedom_Fighter


    39. Urban Expansion

      I loved the Division 1. Overplayed it to bits, grinder the incursions at the end. This game though, I bought it at release, played until level 14, couldn't get into it. Today, I started playing again, still can't get into it. The concept of the Division is unreal but for me the story doesn't quite cut it for me, it's not immersive

      1. Urban Expansion

        @CircusKing ok virgin

      2. Urban Expansion

        @CircusKing I have a life don't have time to sit around and play it all day like you do

      3. Urban Expansion

        @CircusKing nah muppet read what I said I haven't played since release.

    40. CndyChriz

      I just hope the hackers from div 1 wont be gliding through div2

    41. Colbert Massie

      I really wanna buy this game but I was told that it has to be online all the time even for the single player campaign is that true?

      1. Paul Le

        If u buy now it is on sale for $15

      2. Jeremy Wilson

        Colbert Massie no

    42. Jfranco617

      Buys game for 30$ on sale, watches before you buy during download

    43. Naviii Bawa

      Coped it for $12 @gamestop brand new!😂

    44. erik puka

      Got it for about 9$

    45. Jesse owens Robinson Jr.

      It's sad but I got the game for 14.00 on black Friday and it looked good. I saw your review and boy I'm happy that I picked it. The next time I will look at your reviews before picking my games. Boy that was a close one.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. Jonathon Lang

      I love how this game takes please in my backyard. Crazy I haven't played it yet but I've been out of the country. Can't wait t Jump in I loved the first one

    47. allen harper

      Love this game, though setting wise not as much as the first. Is it just me, though, or does ISAC give WAY to many updates? Running around a building while looking for a way in- A friendly control point is nearby. Drinking water is nearby. Rations located nearby. Supplies are in the area. A friendly control point is nearby. Drinking water is nearby. Rations located nearby. Etc etc etc...

    48. Andel

      Not gonna lie the first division was a big turn off for me so I don’t know if this one will be worth it

    49. Bill Smith

      I played through the first one and enjoyed it. I don't play any online games. Is this game going to be fun for a single player?

    50. Josh Votion

      hee hee the deeper you get in

    51. Sir Ninja Raiden

      Sad to say I bought Anthem and never play it. Its buggy and shitty. Picked this up in replacement. Not disappointed

    52. Marc Jacob

      You got the Juice Now!

    53. Lucezar Colombo

      just got it for 15 dollars and I love it

    54. grimthegamingreaper

      I prefer the scarcity of cosmetics of TD2, as opposed to TD1. TD1 had WAY too many cosmetics and the system felt bloated.

    55. The Funk

      Well this aged terribly.

    56. Tyler Tyler

      Is this a open world game

    57. Raptur Jragon

      This game looks SOOOOOO lifeless and bland.

      1. Sheep Call

        Raptur Jragon You Been Play Games too much.

    58. HowardTheAlien

      Bought it %70 off, pretty good game for a first timer

    59. John Harbin

      His review makes me want to buy it. But other people's reviews me me not too.

    60. Dominic Nhem

      So, this is much better than Ghost recon breakpoint then?

      1. Sheep Call

        Dominic Nhem Yes.