The Division 2: State of the Game #138 - 23 October 2019 | Ubisoft [NA]

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    Seven months have passed since a deadly virus hit New York City and the rest of the world, crippling the population. When the virus hit, The Division, a unit of civilian sleeper agents, was activated as the last line of defense. Since then, Division agents have been fighting relentlessly to save what remains.
    For The Division, the stakes are higher than ever. Washington, D.C. - the most heavily protected city on earth - is at risk, leaving the entire nation on the brink of collapse. If Washington, D.C., is lost, then the nation falls. As a Division agent who has been in the field for seven months, you and your team are the last hope to stop the fall of society after the pandemic collapse.
    Developed by Ubisoft Massive and the same teams that brought you Tom Clancy’s The Division®, Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 is an online open world, action shooter RPG experience set in a collapsing and fractured Washington, D.C. This rich new setting combines a wide variety of beautiful, iconic, and realistic environments where the player will experience the series’ trademark for authenticity in world building, rich RPG systems, and fast-paced action like never before. Play solo or co-op with a team of up to four players to complete a wide range of activities, from the main campaign and adversarial PvP matches to the Dark Zone - where anything can happen.
    In the wake of the virus, storms, flooding, and subsequent chaos have radically transformed Washington, D.C. Explore a living open world full of diverse environments, from flooded urban areas to historic sites and landmarks, during one of the hottest summers in history. The streets have been overrun with enemy factions, each with its own agenda and each vying for control of DC. It will be up to you to liberate the city and protect what remains of society.
    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was built with an “endgame-first” mentality, ensuring players always have access to fresh, unique, and diverse activities long after completing the main campaign. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s endgame will introduce brand new challenges and progression systems, unique twists and surprises, and for the first time, raids. Players will also be able to access a wealth of post-launch content, including a full year of free additional story-driven missions, map expansions, and gameplay modes.
    After completing the main campaign, gain access to new specializations such as demolitionist, sharpshooter, and survivalist. Each specialization will open up an entire new progression system with new skills, mods, and unique talents to acquire and maximize your agent efficiency in your chosen role.
    Civilians and enemy factions are constantly striving to survive, vying for necessities such as food, medicine, and ammunition. As the factions face off against each other in a ravaged DC, they will fight to seize control of resources and locations - and for their very survival. The various needs and motivations from each faction will collide, triggering different encounters between enemy and friendly factions, civilians, and ultimately you as an Agent, creating a dynamic living world full of surprises.
    Civilians have banded together in settlements to rebuild their society, but their very existence is threatened. Work closely with them to keep them safe and in turn, they will come to your aid and provide supplies and assistance to build up your base of operations, giving a deeper meaning to the people and the world around you.
    The Dark Zone is an untamed area of the map with some of the best loot in the game. The Dark Zone is also the most dangerous area in the game, where fear, betrayal, and tension are high, as any other agent can turn against you and steal your hard-earned loot. In Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, this playground was designed to provide a fair and exciting experience to all players, regardless of their level of progression.
    The Division 2: State of the Game #138 - 23 October 2019 | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. Looney BX Tunezz

      Please can you make it somewhat easier to get the eagle barrer in the raid it's better for it to drop in Discovery mode only because nobody wants to raid and if they do it takes hours just to get 8 people to raid and then they quit in middle of the raid and never get it done

    2. cisco plays

      Exotic mods like armor and weapon damage 😊

    3. LuutSs Bc

      You guys should create the division 3 by taking the division 1 end result and build the game around it from there. Same firearms stamina and electronics ,movement,skills perks etc If you would do that you could just focus on the content And if that is considered boring Just make it free (or half the price of division 2 at launch) And then make vanity items not drop from looting a briefcase or bag pack anymore but by micro transactions like a full LMB Suit or hyena suit 20$ Weapon skin 5$ Face mask 10$ Still have vanity items for completing things but make it hard like example : complete all legendary missions flawless in a full group (always in a full group) in a week time. To get a ??? pants Stage 2 get a ??? shirt Stage 3 get a ??? Left shoe Stage 4 get a ??? Right shoe lol End stage ??? Mask And maybe every stage you have less time or only use skills, no heals etc and complete 100 manhunts in a week time So only the elite players will have those vanity’s but players that can not do it can still buy other vanity items And people will buy it because they don’t have to pay 100$ For a game that isn’t working yet And by taking div1 mechanisms you will have a game that works from day 1 So players will also be thankful for that The only downside is that div1 had only 4 good builds for pvp? (not sure) But then again that would be a good start And then come up with experimental gearsets So when that doesn’t work we can go back to the OG builds till the new gear is good to use But maybe that idea is easier said then done Like to get some feedback from the community Anyway Massive for the division 2 I’d like to see Reclaimer 2.0 please!! ;P

    4. steve smith

      We should be able to change 2 stats on at least chest and backpack. There are too many combinations of chest and backpack pieces.

    5. Rebeca Maria

      Feel a Little Bit spongey, omg generally the AI are always bullet sponges. 🤣🤣🤣 This game gets anymore bullet spongey, I will stop playing it, and purchase no future content.

    6. InfuriatedYogurt

      BUG: Sawyer's Kneepads Blueprint is missing I just acquired Sawyer's Kneepads and cannot get the Blueprint to upgrade the Kneepads to 500 gear score. I quite game and logged back in to see if the Blueprint was available in the Crafting Bench or if Inaya had the Blueprint available for purchase. The Blueprint was not available from either source.

    7. InfuriatedYogurt

      BUG: Ruthless and Lullaby are missing Merciless and Sweet Dreams conversion Blueprints The Blueprints needed to convert a Merciless and Sweet Dreams into the Ruthless and Lullaby have been removed from the game. I believe their removal occurred in TU6 when changes were made to the Blueprints (see below). I had both of these conversion Blueprints prior to the TU6 update. Episode 2 Patch Notes • Removed 3 blueprints from the blueprint collection as they were not obtainable in the game. These Blueprints need to be added back into the game. I finally obtained a second copy of the Merciless and cannot convert the weapon into a Ruthless because the Blueprint for the conversion is missing.

    8. crt

      why there was no sotg last week? Curious if today is sotg

    9. Alpha Don

      Whatever maintenance you did to the game recently ruined the game. There has been lag spikes at random for everyone and the DZ does not populate anymore. The DZ constantly populated for the first few weeks of TU6 now you messed it all up. Fix it

    10. yea rite

      its not the state of the game its state of mind

    11. Daddy Harambe

      please add more content, its getting to the point where the game might actually die out.

    12. Mr Pink

      you idiots from ubisoft should completly open up the recalibration sys...

    13. Emmanuel Mabana

      I have to stop playing for now after the tu6 the game gets really buggy i hope you guys do rigorous testing before any changes. Thanks!

      1. Emmanuel Mabana

        @b2948 it feels like they have full control of what meta is going to be and we haven't fully figured out what would counter what builds because we can't have a fully functional builds every 2 weeks there is changes/nerfs. What the hell i'm tired of it.

      2. b2948

        @Emmanuel Mabana yeah i had hope for tu6 for about 2 weeks. I was dealing with the bugs but they were definitely annoying. I decided to level up my other 3 characters cuz I ran out of stash space already then i found out they nerfed spark which was part of my new build. If they tested properly there should be no nerfs after stuff gets released. The devs don't understand if they give you 25% damage and after a few weeks they drop it down to 15% its not fun to use anymore. If they tested properly and released it at 15% everyone would have fun and be fine with it but they dont. What makes no sense to me is they're ok with berzerk and perfect berzerk having 50% damage the entire time but not having spark have 25% damage for a short period of time because the NPCs destroy your turret instantly now then you gotta wait 50 seconds for the turret to come back in order to get spark back again. Im done playing too and wont waste my money on the division 3 if they make one

      3. Emmanuel Mabana

        @b2948 yeah it happen to me too most of the time i am shooting without a gun and i can't see what i am shooting at after i did my last bounty i decided to stop playing and put the game in the box it's really is annoying after you put your build together and have a bit of fun with it and they nerfed it they don't understand that everytime they change things we suffered too much yeah the loot targeting is good still the drop rate sucks for me it feels worst after tu6 it's like .1 to 100 ratio and they said after the tu6 they will stop changing things so i thought this is the last time i am going to rebuild my build but no they change it again just like the division 1 it's same story over again i am not happy and i won't buy there next game i don't care if they put out the division 3 i won't touch it its like devs don't want us to enjoy the game and that's the nail to the coffin.

      4. b2948

        The bugs are proof that they don't test enough plus there should be no reason something gets nerfed if they tested it enough. Im done playing too as soon as I found out about spark being nerfed I decided Im done with theses idiot devs and this POS game. Im so sick of using something new and having fun with it then 2 weeks later the idiots nerf it and its not fun anymore and then have to rebuild again and do it all over again after another 2 weeks. My favorite bug is when my character all of a sudden holds his arm straight out to the side and it flops around while running then when aiming he puts his arm directly in front of his face so you cant see what you're aiming at! WTF!

    14. homes24

      Why bother with ubishit? I mean they abandoned DV1 and will do the same with 2 for a third sequel that nobody asked for or wanted. Broken promises, games and full of hackers. Ubishit cannot be trusted and is on track to being worse than EA

    15. the last name

      I'm sick of something fun being released and then it gets nerfed so it's not fun anymore! do proper testing before you put it in the game. If spark was released with 15% damage everyone would be like ok this is fun but you release it at 25% then nerf it into the ground so it's not fun at all anymore. I swear you guys don't use your brains at all!!!

      1. b2948

        Not to mention its constantly broken! Good thing they aren't mechanics they'd be like we took 1 tire off cuz its more fun driving with just 3 and we got rid of overdrive and drive cuz its more fun only being able to go 20 MPH when you're used to 55 MPH and none of the electronics work anymore. When you turn the blinker on the alarm goes off, when you use the horn the hazards turn on and the brake lights don't work at all anymore. It wasn't easy to do we had to have 2 other businesses help us do it! Smfh

    16. b2948

      I had hope for this nerf fest you call a game for about 2 weeks after tu6 dropped now its completely gone again. Ill never spend another penny on any game made by you! I will however tune in each week to see what you're gonna nerf into the ground next. It'll be a nice reminder of why I hate your game

    17. Kirk Shipp

      The heavies always focused the turret. The turret before the buff to skills did weak damage and you could not really rely on it to deal damage, it was just additive. The tank one shots the turret, it doesn't adjust play style to make it interesting or change things up. It gets one shot and you have a 30-45 sec CD with a hybrid build. Not sure on a full skill build.

    18. b2948

      Jesus now i found out you nerfed spark too! You need to test stuff more before releasing it! Its really disappointing to have something fun to use get nerfed which happens with every damn thing you release. You should call this game nerf instead of the division 2. They should give you salary raises and constantly take them away and be like sorry we didnt crunch the numbers and do our jobs properly so we are taking your raises away. You suck! Im officially done with this game!

    19. b2948

      Give us back our skill cool downs we had before tu6. Now I just wait between NPC waves till the cool down is back then continue with the mission. So all you're doing is making missions take longer than they should. Also make all weapons drop at max damage or give us an optimization table! Taking 5% damage away from the p416 that never drops at max damage is absolutely stupid! Your fancy balancing graphs showed everything with max damage not the crappy damage drops that everyone normally gets. If there was an optimization table where I had max damage I would be ok with the 5% nerf but nerfing ones that drop with 6k less damage than max damage is just stupid!

      1. b2948

        @the last name also Im a solo player and having the NPC's destroy my turret instantly after tu6 is really annoying, I rely on my turret. Its probably not a big deal for group players cuz they have 12 other skills being used but for a solo player it sucks! I thought this was supposed to be a cover based game, so I apparently have to stand out in the open like an idiot so they dont destroy my turret then get killed instantly. The devs way of thinking baffles me to be honest.

      2. the last name

        Yeah I agree they should change both of those things but they wont. They test stuff get you used to playing that way and having fun then they nerf and change stuff. The game gets more fun as you progress through the levels and get better weapon damage and gear and then they take something fun and nerf it. It's like they are working backwards all the time! Maybe they should test things longer if they're just gonna nerf everything and make it less fun to use then we wouldn't have things that are fun to use and all of a sudden guess what we're gonna make it less fun and take away what we supposedly tested.


      Why is this dude Infront of a camera? Is this really the best you have ubisoft. It's really really hard to watch. And this is something that I want to watch. Please stop with this cringe chach...

    21. Tank B


    22. The world Is Yours

      Put aliens on your fucking games

    23. Roo23th

      I've lost my money buying first Division .. now I'm waiting if you really would 'repair' Breakpoint game ..

    24. Richard O'shea

      I don't really want a free baseball cap or other in-game outfits, but you can give me back the 600sp that you took away, thereby breaking everything I had created in over 1000 hours.

    25. Capo Regime

      Why would ANYONE believe these incompetent, lying, greedy fucks?? And hamish needs a punch in the face grrr dont like that lil muppet

    26. Ivan Malau

      God I love ubisoft love assassins creed odessy, love the division and love rainbow six siege

    27. Miguel Ortega

      I stopped playing this game after getting garbage for the extra 50 bucks I paid. The game is way below div 1 and is extremely frustrating to play . At it's core a game should be fun not frustrating . It's full of bullet sponges ,useless rewards , and no reason to grind. The game is set up to favor PC players. It is full of glitches. I quit the division games entirely I'm done.

    28. Jackal

      back after a few months, love it again. I have more then 1 build for a change.

    29. Meyhem Gaming

      I just wish they would bring a survival mode back. That was the only thing I played on Div 1

    30. steve smith

      Everyone is abusing the stinger hives in conflict and dz

    31. Conde Racelis

      I wish this wasn't a Tom Clancy title so we could have Zombies at night would be amazing.

    32. Mc Swagga

      Big voice crack

    33. Joshua Hall

      Hey guys. Where's the blueprint for fenris mask/backpack? And why cant I get a fenris mask with the hard hitting talent already rolled onto it? Would appreciate some feedback please.

    34. dsa0224

      People still play this game 🤦‍♂️

    35. asalas salas

      Do something better with kenly college. Its boring make it fun add hunters or something but personally for me the outcast are annoying and not really fun to fight so finishing the kenly once was enough for me

    36. Johnny Five

      The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint Are Commercial Failures Confirms Ubisoft. Congrats on the cash grab ripping off the player base Ubisoft Massive. Never again will I buy from your companies!!!

      1. nufsioohay

        @Jose Reyes definitely not what you typed in your posts but glad you enjoy it.

      2. nufsioohay

        @Jose Reyes I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Johnny's original post said that they were commercial failures.

      3. Johnny Five

        @Jose Reyes Ubisoft CONFIRMED Division 2 was a commercial failure.

    37. Stefan Tredoux

      We should wait for a year or two before buying the game (The division 3) then you do not need to rebuild your build every 2 months because of "nerfs" and changes the dev make to the game. We spend so much time trying to find the right gear. just to scrap it when there is an update....... ;(

      1. Emmanuel Mabana

        Agreed it's frustrating..

      2. b2948

        Cuz they dont test it properly. When something gets released and its fun to use then they nerf it and it makes it less fun youd think these geniuses would figure that out by now. Its like we're always working backwards instead of moving forward but these devs think its fun.

    38. Azziz Mohamed

      Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs

    39. Benjamin Woodring

      Please fix the the constant “dz perks available at the base” even when there are none. Or give the option to remove that information from the screen.

      1. Luiz Vaz

        I thought I was the only one, that is so annoying.

    40. devin Carter

      You nerf people who work hard so they can get a chance to be accepted by the gate keepers the high dps people who wont let you play normal raid((since no matchmaking thus increases toxic players((( you cap and reduce the stats at the recalibration but you expect people to buy your microtransactions???????