Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - E3 2018 Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer | PS4



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    Time to team up and save D.C. Watch the first-ever gameplay walkthrough for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Available March 15, 2019.
    May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.
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    1. AriZSaM

      If they released a video like this but with real people playing the game giving there thoughts and opinions then I’d really buy the game and my birthday is the 18th

    2. Despicable sean

      Just like the last one where they show gameplay and it didn't live up to its hype and still no story to the game u just playing random missions smh

    3. Daniel Novak

      is this ps4 footage?

    4. Mrcrow Bagins

      Vaginal tissue penetration

    5. Mrcrow Bagins

      Wow it's alot LIKE DIVISION 1 but I am still buying

    6. Mrcrow Bagins

      Honestly the only thing I saw different in this one is that you can get stuck on in the ground

    7. Mileica Rosado

      Looks super cool

    8. DJgambit 2099

      so calm... i wish my friends and I can play like that. we just swear and laugh at each other.

    9. JinxThaGamer

      Tom Clancy’s The Downgrade 2 Pre -order now to get the “disappointment” DLC

    10. Fernando Gutierrez

      This is Xbox gameplay on the Xbox one x

    11. Śjora

      This will be downgraded again trust me...

    12. ImpoloSees

      The most coolest game ever man

    13. Dylan G.

      They blurred out the Xbox One button prompts

    14. Nicco Richardson

      Our city

    15. King Lumpy

      I liked the snow setting better

    16. Casey Cusack

      Wow this looks much better. Its amazing

    17. Mason Villegas

      this looks awesome

    18. Hybridchik Uwu


    19. Chau Hien

      Beta of this game will release soon i hope this is no more downgrade Xd

    20. O J M

      Can't wait not to play it!

    21. Boogie Boo

      Looks just as boring and monotonous as the original, but with slightly better graphics.

    22. Serugito Yackysory

      То есть на ошибках мы не учимся? Ведь есть же шикарный пример в виде "Ghost Recon" как НАДО делать такие игры! Зачем опять вводить НЕУБИВАЕМЫХ противников, которые сожрут весь боекомплект и добавки попросят? Это не просто глупо, это убивает хорошую игру!

    23. Snipabee

      If you have been somewhat educated with games recently, we know that the graphics and features will probably be the exact same (or close to) as this trailer, ubisoft has really stepped up their game with advertising exactly what the game is and nothing more

    24. Teguh Aditya

      is this another online games?

      1. S R Leeming

        aditroitz what?

    25. Floz jack


    26. Cheung Hokman

      I saw nothing except the improving image quality, ubisoft just does not get it how to run a open world and an online game , do some studies on game companies of South Korea ! And do not bother to make an ugly face to the female characters, the feminist would not buy it.(I am not being rude , I am the minority.)

    27. jb onebig

      thats why they blured the fk out of the button icon...

    28. The MaDude

      its xbox one X gameplay

    29. J35h13

      S T R O N K

    30. Shantanu Mukherjee

      this demo is already looks like downgraded

    31. Amin Hasan

      this gonna be an awesome game. They learned from The Divsion 1 and they are not stupid to make the same mistake with TD1.

      1. Anthony Romack

        Amin Hasan Learning from mistakes, exactly what Ubisoft known for!

    32. Scornful Shadow Spectre

      If it actually looked and played like that.. I'd be down.

    33. El Carim

      I can feel the downgrade

    34. Toxic Legend

      This is more of a DLC then another game

    35. grant4evergamer

      Xbox x footage they tried to hide it by blurring the button prompts.

    36. eske Ttit

      Downgrade inbound

    37. Kaze No Sokudo

      Please tell me this is playable offline.

    38. EXPERT Gaming

      Division 1 and 2 are not even better than the 2014 demo

    39. Martin. LK

      Captured in Xbox One X !

    40. Viktor R

      Опять нас разводят

    41. aaaaaaaaaaaa808

      Tom Clancy's The Diversity 2.

    42. RIANDVD

      Can you actually modified your mic and make your voice like this?

    43. Dr. Schüültz

      Nobody talks in a Game like this Please stooop

      1. TitanPlay's 17

        It's Awesome and something different

      2. Nicholas Chung

        Jess Kadel No it's called being scripted

      3. Jess Kadel

        Adolf der Graue it’s called team work

    44. Chalc X

      if you guys hate it no1 force you to buy it i love these graphics but im still Worrying if they gonna mess this game with classified,tanky enemys who take 10000bullets, and like 2gun that everyone use like in division1 TheHouse and M4,lvoaC

      1. Atlanta Zone 2

        Actually im being held at gunpoint to buy this game

    45. Webster Beats

      We needed Splinter Cell not another Division

      1. ThE_DeViL_86

        Its releasing soon in 2018

      2. E Reg


    46. Pachuck01 Diaz

      i dont think its gana b like dis im sorry guys but dont get your hopes up alright

    47. mikes5637

      I remember Meghan from the original Division 1 reveal and also Anthem. I'd like to see her actually playing the game live, but I suspect she is actually just a voice-over artist.

      1. Norriko

        mikes5637 artist? 😂

    48. Joseph Nicholls

      It’s a shame this will probably be downgraded no doubt before its release

      1. AcMi RN

        Joseph Nicholls Why?

    49. thealphareich

      The cringe is enough to make me lose interest in even trying this game.

      1. jimmyboy283james

        thealphareich same

    50. Nilda C

      Women Wrestling games Free T PS4

    51. Fausto Binet

      this is the xbox/PC gameplay presented in the E3, where is the PS4 gameplay so we can see how its run in the PS4?

      1. Young Savage45

        No offense but the ps4 prolly wouldn’t be able to start it up

      2. JACKPOT


    52. Jonathan Nisbet

      Is this really on the ps4? I think they just took the Xbox one, if you notice the button choices are blurred on this one, but not on the Xbox video which makes no sense other than them just repackaging the Xbox video and eliminating the evidence.

      1. grant4evergamer

        Yeah I just made a comment about it aswell but than saw yours I find it very slimy of Sony they did it with anthem last year but instead of blurring it they put R2 and L2 over the RT and LT but you could still see the Xbox buttons.

      2. Trugamer90 cla

        who cares the game is trash

    53. Victor

      Ubisoft should release a version of this video without the highly scripted "gamer banter", I don't know of a single person that doesn't cringe watching these.


      Team of feminist?

      1. PhatBoy

        what has feminists got to do with it... trying too hard mate

      2. Timothy Alston

        It's two dudes and two women. Are girls not even allowed to play games?


      Cringe is real!

    56. ninjakawa1000

      Dont tell if this is always online bs

    57. مقتطفات متنوعه


    58. intel lee

      Wyd why can't I get my skins on switch do crossplay so we can have are skins on the go on fortnite

      1. Korky Buchek

        intel diamond cry elsewhere kid

    59. ZimmerGamesXV

      Hope no Dark Zone anymore hella tryhard people

      1. Yamato

        Chicken dancer never died

      2. Rebellious Q

        DZ been confirmed back; you can see the walls/barrier for it in ppl's gameplay

    60. avocado o

      Yeah... People don't talk like that

      1. powersphere216

        if they did that would be super cool. i would enjoy it more. i love RP


        Yup very cringy 🙄. Just like the previous one, plus the downgrade.

      3. Tensay Gamer

        yeah loool. the only think that i like here is the voice of megan. mmmmm yummy loool xD