Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2018



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    Take a look at the official gameplay trailer shown during the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3 2018.
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    1. mario moreno

      Almost a year after the trailer and I can tell you that the game is crap! |:D

    2. Azhureus

      Came here from Episode 3 trailer. Aaaaanyways, kidna wondering, do we see a horse/s 1:07 in the game ?

    3. K- Mac

      Why haven’t they started to make a Division movie?!?

    4. Criminal 234

      I just noticed the rouge skull at the beginning

    5. David IsAOkay

      𝙸 𝚐𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚏𝚛𝚎𝚎 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚊 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍

    6. Elliot Shin

      1:11 the shadow of the cruiser on ther left spawned in

    7. Jim Raynor

      Love this game

      1. mechanizedorca


    8. unusual chaos

      That bastard scientist did all of this just because there is to many people god forbid children all those deaths it wasn't population control it mass god damn genocide.

    9. Chocolate Death

      @Jardochevy Thank you for your post. I wanted to comment on my own so it wouldn't be buried in replies and others got to see how I feel about the setting. The story was really good, in the background of the activated agents who quite literally dropped their lives, abandoned families, and left to risk themselves just to help others. It is so sad that many of them experienced tragedy, not just in the line of duty but also at the hands of other agents! That's why we, the player agents, need to set an example to the enemy factions that this is not okay. Just because there was an outbreak doesn't mean it becomes a free-for-all to just do whatever you want. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. What people also tend to forget is, as you said, player agents were not the first wave. They were the second. The first wave of light and hope were all but snuffed out, with only a handful remaining. Remember the series of echos about Doug(?) He found out a young woman had been kidnapped by a gang but did not have any backup, so he decides to track her down single-handedly and gives the attackers hell before finally succumbing to his injuries, having (I think) successfully saved the woman. The man was a total badass, and he's just one of many who went in there trying to bring order to the chaos. You yourselves get to track down missing people, and 'lost' agents, and piece together info from recordings and collectibles that tell you what happened to the others who went in before you. In D2, I enjoy going in and righting the wrongs done to the people who were trapped in a catastrophe and are just trying to live their lives, bringing the city back to normal working order as much as possible. The recordings from both games really shows you how horrible and cruel people can be to each other, and to help put an end to such suffering really brings me peace. I know it's a game, but you have to treat each other with kindness because, in case of emergency, things really can go this wrong very quickly, and we don't have a shadow organization looking out for us. Not, at least, to my knowledge.

    10. Chocolate Death

      So that guy at the beginning sees an innocent horse and decides to close the gate anyway without letting it in. PETA get on this.

    11. Ambulans 112

      Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - 5K Version 2020 İn.

    12. Emanuel J. Dickinson

      This game is actually really fun...and lawdy the graphics are amazing

    13. TheMightyIceDragon

      that girl is going to be a sniper when she grow up

    14. Mary Jade Fernandez

      It looks similar to The Purge?

    15. senx anx

      People always complain that Ubisoft forgot about New York. But they are the ones who forgot that the United States is a country and all its states were infected.

    16. Halo 2 Elite Comrad

      2:18 True Sons

    17. Criminal 234

      I just realized who these agents were,if you look at the extreme malidis comic for the division these are the main characters

    18. N0_0R GG

      Do you advice me to play it ?!!! 🤔🤔👾

      1. Kim Jung Un

        Hell yea i bought the bundle a couple days ago and i enjoy it, tbh honest there arent many games i like any more

    19. Espen Christensen

      A badass lesbian tiny woman tougher than any man is a downer in all games and movies. damn.

      1. Vukašin Đorđević

        You have serious problems in your view of the world. You are a problem of this world. Cleaners GET HIM!

    20. Volle Gaming

      Division 2 have so many Grafix Bugs its ridiculous, aparently they cant program for shit. UNPLAYABLE DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

    21. WinterTech Gaming

      Most intriguing part of this was that airplane

    22. Ruben VW

      Hopefully we get to fight that girl as the final boss.

    23. Ruben VW

      I haven't played the game, but one thing I don't understand about this trailer is why the girl wrote "Help". I got the impression that she, along with everyone else within those walls were living a pieceful life while everyone outside is suffering. Maybe that's not the case.

    24. Hectikal

      Anyone else notice the cars shawdow at 1:10

    25. Apasche Raider

      Unpopular Opinion: I hope there is/will be Wildlands and Division (first game) content and equipment

    26. GTV 15

      That paper airplane went a far way

    27. GTAV lOvEr


    28. Aeons

      Ghost Recon Wildlands was awesome.

    29. Pitati777

      *help* Division starts acting like they know where to go

    30. Foodblogger

      I can't understand the point of putting together builds of the game where there is no good anticheat so for example, I play 900часов collect the things that make a good build go into a dark area and killing me in 3 seconds Hoth the enemy 250.000 Barone and I have 470.000 and the damage all comes at a head, I'm already not alone and together with 2 friends he kills us all and no damage on it and so 3 times he has stuffed the gold and quietly washed up and now the question is why play a game where there is no good anticheat and any complaint in support of ignore and nothing do not do there are a lot of popular games is to ban cheaters and it's not clear fight with them or not

    31. Forgotten

      Street Mustard

    32. Keneva Tjic

      Is it crossplay? Why not? Crossplay is the future of gaming!

    33. Erick Delgadillo

      does any one know the song for this ???

    34. WeTube

      Looks like Grey State

    35. L0RD Sonic

      When society falls, we... *An agent in your vicinity has gone Rouge* ...Ah shit.

    36. Rimon


    37. Aglow_Brisket

      Thumbs down my game always disconnects its so fucking hard to find some way to be insisde a shitty ass building

    38. LZ Z1

      Just tried the demo and didn't like this game 😶

    39. Alexander der Große

      alda der kaka mensch im hintergrund 0:34

      1. Vukašin Đorđević

        Du bist auch so einer mit schwerwiegenden Problemen auf die Sicht der Welt.

    40. Danmuglas

      Thank I Ubisoft for putting equal rights for men and woman , usually men are executed .2:50

    41. ayyy ayyy

      Turtle ninjas pack for divison dlc

    42. gaby snapt

      **Gunshot** this America lmao srry had to do it but looks like a cool game I want it now

    43. Maik Geelen

      In the trailer:wow that graphics in the game:🤨 wtf is this

      1. M.A.K. Dynasty

        The heck do you mean? The graphics for this game are nice.

    44. Medardo Lomeli

      Division 2? First one was tras wtf

    45. Sketch The Sea Otter


    46. Sketch The Sea Otter

      . m

    47. irgendjemand der gerade schlecht gelaunt ist

      1:16 i thought that black thing on the ground is a r6 drone xD

    48. sri rahayu

      Sedih... Arga..

    49. JuergenGDB

      @ 3:27 it shows agents/survivors in the Arlington National Cemetery. From that view at 3.27 they are clearly in the cemetery which overlooks the Arlington National Bridge, in which you can then clearly see in background the Lincoln Memorial just past the bridge, and further down... the Washington Monument. My guess is, the Black Tusk landed somewhere near the Pentagon Lagoon and Hunter Point to gain access to Washington National Airport and the Pentagon. The small town where you start in, is somewhere in between..which is in Virginia DOC. If they were to make a DLC, maybe they will include this area.. Pentagon City?

    50. Skvalhalla Leoric

      that's really sad that the person who composed this music is not mentioned here neither the music name nor the person @gamespot

    51. Skvalhalla Leoric

      music plz

    52. John Owsley

      This reminds me of the walking dead

    53. KN Park

      A little girl in a foreign country(USA) prayed that heavenly angels would come down and save her family from evil; ETA: 2 MINUTES

    54. Foundation Agent [REDACTED]

      2:20 me when someone griefs my house on my Minecraft server

    55. Belle Isle Jay

      the future of america the game

    56. stellah uwu

      Wildlands: Before the downfall Division: The downfall Division 2: The aftermath

    57. Coolmusicplaylist

      Im loving this game

    58. 3xiss

      Street Mustard

    59. Your Name


    60. Lord Zanthar Teh Allen

      Watch how they give us a downgraded version on release.

      1. M.A.K. Dynasty

        Well it came. And they didn't.